Use custom tags in Order Tag Group Mapping

I am trying to simplify the adding of a new product by adding a Custom Tag for each Order Tag Group.

I would then use these tags in the Order Tag Group mapping (Product Tag Column) the same as can be done in Print Job mapping

At present I have to add each product separately as there is no Product Tag column in Order Tag Group Mappings.

Is there another way to achieve this?

I hope I have made this clear enough.


Is this order tags or just printing you looking at?
For printing I would recommend my method which starts similar to you with a kitchen/bar print tag which on order added sets an order state which is used to print to specific print job.
States are powerful tool once you get to grips with them.

This is for order tags.

I want to have a Product Tag column in the Order Tag Group Mappings the same as in the Print Job Mappings.


So this is a Feature Request. What you’re asking for does not exist.

I guess that is what I am asking for.

I am very new to SambaPOS so I do not know all of its existing features.

I am looking for a way to add a new product with the modifier selection on the product screen,rather than having to go to each order tag and add the new product.


Thought I would rephrase question.

Is it possible to use a custom tag to automatically add a new product to the relevant order tag group?

Could a script be used to do this?


Now you’re talking. Script can do nearly anything.

Ok, so what exactly are we trying to accomplish here?

You want to set a Custom Product Tag that is referenced in an Order Tag Group Mapping to control whether or not the Product is or is not mapped (included) in the Order Tag Group? Like the Product Tag column in Print Job Mappings, correct?

Do I understand this correctly?

Can you put together a “mockup” of the desired end-result?

If Order Tag Groups had a field in the Mapping section for (Custom) Product Tags, how exactly do you expect it to work?

Please try to be as detailed as possible with your example. Mockup screenshots if necessary.

Will try to be detailed

Picture 1 above is new Product screen
Say I select Y for the Extras and Drinks

My Order Tags below

When I save the new Product

I want one of two things to happen

Because the Product Tag column in the Order Tag Group mappings contains “EXTRAS=Y” then the new Product would have EXTRAS as one of its modifiers. (currently no Product Tag column in Order Tag Group mappings)


  1. When I save the new Product it is automatically added to both the EXTRAS and DRINKS Order Tag Group mappings

I hope this is clearer.


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Yes your understanding is correct.

Due to the lack of replies.

I take it that this is not possible!


Lack of response doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It is possible but we may not need to use it thus community may not be compelled to build it to demonstrate. Study up on the scripting and Jscript in particular. There is a ton of documentation on this forum of how scripts work with sambapos.

Or you could ask for paid support and hire someone to build it for you.

Just wondering why you don’t use Product Group?


Thank you for your reply

Product group only allows one selection.

Each group could belong to multiple order tags i.e. Breakfast group has cereal which has different order tags to Bacon & Eggs which is also in the Breakfast Group.

I have achieved this adding each Product to the \order Tag Group mappings, I would prefer to do the selection of Order Tags on the Product entry screen, this would save me time as a Product that is a member of 5 Order Tag groups means I have to go into each Order Tag Group mapping and add the Product.

Hope I have made this clear.


Well sometime you need duplicate order tags for ex. Lunch extra, Dinner Extra… or even make the same product in multiple groups… or make a lot of product group for ex Breakfast Tag A B C D E, Breakfast Tag A E…

The feature you request does not exist. You can request but I really doubt that it will get fulfilled since this is the first time I heard in 5 years.

The way you create a product is quite a lot of work. So I think you should be able to do it with multiple product groups and it may easier in the end.

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