Use Point button is not working

#Tracking Promotions by Points Use Point button is not working

That is a configuration not a default feature. Can you share with us your configuration and we can try to spot the configuration mistake.

#Tracking Promotions by Points Use Point button is not working

ENABLED state of null/empty? You sure that’s right? Try *

I was try but not work same condition

some body help me please.

Im not convinced the mapping is corrent.
I would start by adding some form of feedback like a show message or ask question action into the rule to check the rule is being triggered or if its the actions etc within the rule not working as expected.
Its hard to say what your issue is just from those 3 screenshots.

Hmmm, first thing I can see is your update points actions dont seem right to me +[:Point] and -[:Point], do these actually work? Surprised if they do.

What tutorial did you copy this from?

Have you seen my loyalty points video?
Its slightly different that points are based on spend rather than set points per product but might help you understand.

yes dear i see this video but sorry i don’t understand

Check those fields mentioned first, are you sure the entity field is being increased as expected as pretty sure that +[:Points] will just overwrite rather than add to the current value. (likewise for minus.
Also where is that show message? The calculation in that isnt being resolved so possibly connected to an issue as if used the same formatting in your calculation as in message it may not be working thre either.

The "Use Points Button"is currently only visible when you select a ticket Item at Orderline. In my opinion it should be visible at payment/settle screen.

It’s mapped to order because of the way it’s trying to work, the automation command has order based actions that wouldn’t work at ticket or payment screen mapping.

What tutorial did you use or did you built this yourself?

i am using this tutorial