Used SambaPOS set up assistance

I just bought a SambaPOS system from a restaurant as they close down and I need to use it for my restaurant.All the set up and data from previous restaurant is still there. I appreciate if someone can assist in setting it up for my Restaurant.

Kind regards

Is it running sql express do you know? If so you could just change DB name.
What version is it running?

Can you let us know what version of SambaPOS it is? What hardware did you get?

Yes it is V5 and hardware is the following:
• Dual screen pos terminal
• Receipts printer 80mm
• Cash drawer connected to printer
• 10" windows 8 tablet for kitchen display
• 7" windows tablet for waiter

it is V5.
Totally different restaurant concept and menu items…

If you start from scratch there would be allot of setup for kitchen display etc.
You can clear records and start a new menu if you want similar flow.
Default database is fairly basic.

Thank you so much.
I ll go through the forum to understand better.

You should get the V5 license from the previous owner somehow. It’ll help you down the road.