User Manual and installation manual needed

Good morning guys.

im here seeking a user manual in english that shows how to get started with using v5. basic setup and such.

also looking for an installation manual that shows configuration for technicians and service persons.

thank you and have a great day

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Our knowledge base is the best resource other than this forum.

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You can also search this forum its a wealth of information and tutorials.

PS I changed your topic to v5 question as you did not post a tutorial. Tutorial category is for posting tutorials and you are welcome to browse them. There are some great tutorials made by the community.

understood jesse. however , if such tuts could be stickied, that would be amazing.

i want to learn more about setting up the software and such, but searching though all the topics can prove tiresome.

i will scour the KB and see what it has to offer, thank you very much for your information as well as changing my question to the appropriate section

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What would be the point of categories of we sticky tutorials. You can filter by category.

SambaPOS Training Manual PDF.pdf (2.4 MB)

Here is something I written some time ago.