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hie All…can somebody help me,I gave each waiter at my restaurant their unique code to put through their orders but I’m having a problem coz I untick everything on (waiter) User role permissions so that they can only put through the orders but wat I’m having a problem is that hen I’m testing with their codes they can still unlock tickets and move or void any order that they put through but I untick all permissions and saved them and its still giving them the procedure of voiding or moving tables, how can I fix that…and the other thing is can u help me with a link on how to merge tickets together…using Sambapos v4.1.82

Did you untick the admin tickbox at the top of the user role settings?

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yes I did…and i untick all permissions

Well there is no option in the user role settings relating to VOID, GIFT, etc.

On my setups I select the Admin Pin confirmation option on the automation command button for the buttons I want to restrict.
I like the way samba handels that in that is a staff user logged in and needs to void you dont need to logout and log back in, they click void and it prompts for admin pin (doesnt have to be admin user - I have manager level role which allows work period start/end and confirm admin pin for void/gift etc.

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how do u set up so it prompts for admin pin when they click void

Go to the auto command settings in the manage screen, selecr the void button to open it and in the dropdown box halfway down select the admin pin option snd save

Now everytime void button is pressed it will ask for admin pin to be entered

You can do this for any auto command button you have setup

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thanx a lot hey,your help was greatly appreciated

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