User sales entity screen report print format

So I have this entity screen where the server that’s logged in can print her sales report for the night.

Works great, but it’s wrapping or jumbling up the text. It’s not in proper columns on print.

Can you tell from the photo and have a suggestion for a fix?

Show your print/report template and check your character count in printer setting

Hrmm I actaully do not have a report template.

Everything else has been printing out just fine. The only templates I have are Ticket and Kitchen.

When making a new template from printer templates, the options to load are ticket, kitchen, and customer receipt.

If I do a visual print, it doesnt look good there either.

This is the report itself.

[Server Sales Details:3,2,3,2,2]

{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Time,T.TicketNumber,P.Type,P.Amount:(TS.Status=Paid) AND (TY=Ticket) AND (TU={SETTING:CURRENTUSER})}

Change report size to fit

Is that done in that template I just posted? The report template.

It’s option for reports under where you name it.

Well I tried several numbers and now sure what to actually put in for page size, but 380 makes it look good on the entity screen, but printing to display (no real printer here) it still shows its off a lot. Check out how the date just runs on.

It prints fine from the actual reports page, but not from that entity print command.

Try formatting your columns before each report table:

Date: {DATE}

[Server Sales Details:2,1,2, 2]
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Time,T.TicketNumber,P.Type,P.Amount:(TS.Status=Paid) AND (TY=Ticket) AND (TU={SETTING:CURRENTUSER})}

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You can adjust column % size try that

Ok I figured it out. I have my ticket printer set to HTML and that is making the reports not look good.

What I did was cloned the ticket printer and renamed it to Report Printer and set it to ESC/POS emulated printer.

Then I went to manage>terminals, edited each terminal to use the report printer.

This made the report print outs look good. The Server Sales from the entity still looks a bit off though.

The one on the left is from the reports screen, the one on the right is from the entity scree the custom report viewer print.

Found something strange.

Here at home I am using XPS printer and if I set it to Raw it prints from the report page great, but blank from the entity screen.

From Reports Screen as Raw

From entity screen as raw

If set to Document Printer

Using XPS as ESC/POS printer, no print jobs at all.

If set to TEXT, blank document is printed from entity, but fine in reports viewer.

There is something up with printing from the entity screen, but not sure what it is.

I guess there is only so much testing I can do here. The store is 40 miles away and this kind of testing may best be done the scene, but will have to wait till tomorrow.

There isn’t something up. It works but there are specific ways the printers work. I would explain but I don’t have time atm.

@Jesse can you explain a little of this today?

Still need help with this @Jesse
It’s just not printing correctly from entity screen, no matter what.

How it should look

Did you enable visual printing on the report template?

Ill hook a printer up in a sec and test for you.

No sir I did not. I will try that.

UPDATE: that didnt solve it

Ok i will hook a printer up and test it.

Did you have time and try this out?