Users cannot view departments

I know it is an easy solution but cannot seem to find it nowhere, i feel dissapointed mmm

Only Administrator is able to view my newly created departments for Delivery and Take Out.

How can I make the change so everyone is able to view the other departments???

Thank you

Check user role permissions;

i checked that first and they have the right permissions

How about Entity->Entity Screens->Dine In->Mapping->User Role?


the role permissions you show Dine In Department and Entity Screen you show Delivery.

Edit: I see permission in the department permission now Sorry

But this is not an entity screen but a department

hmm don’t see anything wrong. maybe try re-launch sambapos.

i did, problem since two days ago that i created the two departments for delivery and take out

You can create a new user role and assign new role for users. Can you try that and let me know if it works?

btw what do you mean by “users cannot view departments?” Do you mean department switching buttons?

Yess they cannot view the buttons at the bottom of the screen

Did you restart after making new depts?

I encountered this problem as well. Go into any of the User Roles that will be accessing the departments > click the “Admin” check box so that it is selected > Save the User Role > Close Samba > Reopen Samba > then go back into those User Roles again and remove the check mark from Admin.

Hopefully this helps!