Users delete or merge

@Jesse you have given many tools before for different fixes , i have a request i have created many users most of them left and when i see yearly sales the list huge , also duplicate names may i know how to merge those sales under admin so can create new? Thank you for wp rebuilt maintenance tool its simpl clean

@Jesse I cannot see your reply Thank you.

Possibly because he did not reply you? :wink:

Remember the forum is a community effort, all of us are volunteers and have businesses to run and other responsibilities. Insisting someone to reply you within a few hours isn’t really fair, especially when your post is asking for something that doesn’t exist. Urging or expecting replies like this is the best way to not get help on the forum… :wink:

Regarding your original question - users cannot be deleted. Possibly you could change all references to the user in the database to that of another existing user, but I have not tried this. You could read up on how to do this yourself, it shouldn’t be too tricky. You will benefit more yourself from learning how the system works. But make sure you backup first!

Alternatively, just reuse the users - rename them. Or, just rename them with a prefix like OLD_ or something to denote which ones are no longer used.


Thank you for your suggestion as I seen a notification icon from kendash with pen symbol the reason I reacted .

I changed your topic to request insyead of v5 beta.

I was just looking at a way to do this and i think the only thing ive thought of to disable a user is to create a disabled user role and create a rule so that when a user logs in thats got that role assigned it just logs out immediately so that the user is no longer allowed to log in. This will make it easy to disable the user account you just change their role. Thoughts? Any problems with doing this?

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Not a bad idea.
I just add a suffix of old and change pin to some randomly long number. Encase a similar username is needed. Try and out full names or at least initial for surname but some arnt keen on this.
Then leave for long enough that it’s unlikely to be relevant that that use did their tickets after they have left and eventually rename to someone new.

But a way to disable would be nice to allow potential name duplicates over time. To go with that having full name and user name would be good should you need to differentiate in the future.

I agree. I was asked about this many times in that past.

A checkbox that says Disable and puts the user in group called Disabled would be very useful.