Using Dropbox with Samba

the old “asking for a friend” (although probably not)… :slight_smile:

Have only recently sen how robust dropbox has gotten over the years, I believe I haven’t used to for approximately 8 or 9 years?

Its now like using an actual folder on your PC now and is very quick…

so lets say… I had all PCs on a multi terminal setup connected to that drop box, using localdb which uses the database within that drop box…

That would prevent the need of a main server, and IF like tonight we had a power cut which actually broke the server (went into a weird safe mode where not even removing the power would allow it to boot up) happens again, it wouldnt matter… cos their all using drop box.


Its merging everything after you will struggle with. I wouldn’t say it was a productive solution…
Just get a decent server and UPS (obviously network switch will need ups to if power failure is a concern as well as at least 1 or two of the terminals)

LocalDB does not support multi-user.

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