Using Gloria Food for online orders to be Picked up in store


Hi there

I want to create a portal that manages online orders through samba pos 5

I have done Gloria food integration but we do not do deliveries and want something simple to manage our in-store food pickups.

snapshot is attached for better understanding

anyone can help ? or send me guide/instructions ?

thanks heaps in advance


It would be similar to the delivery screen setup just with different progress states.
I’ve not done this type of screen before so. Ant offer much guidance beyond that.
Just asking for guide/instructions in questions isn’t going to get you a step by step guide. The forum is community driven and while those of us on here allot try to help we can generate only do that and offer pointers and corrections.
If you want the setup doing for you post in adds for paid support.
If you make a start and ask for guidance on an issue to something missing you’ll get answers but your post isn’t going to get you much response.

Search for the delivery screen setup if haven’t already and follow that tutorial on a separate database for testing so you understand how that works and then it should be easier for you to reapply the methods used for that but to your collection only design.


I don’t understand the confirm portion you still have to accept order on tablet and that should be confirming the order. I don’t use a special screen at all I just integrate the tickets into my current entity and ticket screen and differentiate online with states.

I mean once accepted on tablet it creates order, prints ticket and it shows up in my entity screen just like any other order but I can see its online via states and my reports separate online tickets by those states. That keeps it simple.


In fact now that I think about it. The confirm was probably only for delivery because you would want to confirm it’s a good address etc. I can’t see any use for that feature if your not doing delivery. In fact I don’t see any use for a custom screen at all unless you do delivery.


What would be cool is if Gloria food added the ability to accept orders in the API but when I asked them about that they were adamantly against it because they could not control it.