Using images for Payment Types

I’ve tried using images so I can use card logos for Payment Types on payment screen. It looks good:

But I notice some problems…

Ask Payment Confirmation Payment Processor

The default confirmation message of Ask Payment Confirmation Payment Processor uses the Template Name and therefore the image gets used here. I know I can define a custom message to get around this thought.

Last Sale

I am adding details of the last sale to Shell Header, as follows:

LAST SALE Paid by [[:PaymentTypeName]]: [=F(TN('{TICKET TOTAL}'))]  Tendered: [:TenderedAmount]  Change: [:ChangeAmount]

But the image is being replaced for [:PaymentTypeName]:

Selection within Rules

Even I am not using just now, if Payment Type Name is to be used in a rule and an image is used, it means the constraint needs to refer the image tag as the name, which isn’t ideal. Not sure if this will cause any issues too (haven’t test):

@emre would it be possible for Payment Types to have Button Header in addition to Template Name, in the same way like on Automation Commands? I think this would make this more versatile.


Great idea that would certainly add some value.

So have you change the payment type to the img string?
Does it show up with those on WP then?

Yeah I changed the payment type names to img tags. The screenshot is actual result.

Reports seem fine, use names (I assume they use the account name rather than the payment type name). Receipt also ok. It’s only places that use the payment type name that are showing the logo. I’ve only checked through quickly elsewhere, it looks like the cases I mention are the only issues. I also checked accounts. Any other place you suggest I check to see if name or logo is shown?

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