Using Notepad as second Printer

Hi, how can make the notepad show the ticket at the same time that the printer print a ticket?. For now on If I select in the ticket print as printer type: (demo printer notepad), is working but no print ticket. Maybe we need to create other print with the notepad configuration to be able to print ticket and show in notepad at the same time??

Thanks in advance.

Add a second print job one for the notepad and one for the actual printer.

Thanks Issac I will try right now thanks a lot !!!

Sorry not work for me :frowning: I did something wrong I have to create another complete printer or just another print job?

2 printers and 2 print jobs

OK thanks I appreciate your help :smile:

Can you have some screen show about how to create another printer
? I thing that I doing something wrong because is not working, maybe I need some automation commands? I don’t know. Sorry to bother you I’m new in samba.

Thanks for help me

Go to Manage - Settings - Printers, then click on Add Printer as screenshot shows:

Thanks very much for your help god bless you!!