Using SAMBAPOS at Enterprise Level

Hello Everyone,

I want to use SAMBAPOS at Enterprise Level. I have real IP Addresses and I can communicate with the branches without any problems. I am currently having 3 SambaPOS4 tills situated in 2 different regions. Now my management is asking if we can setup SambaPOS as an enterprise. For Example:

  1. SambaPOS 5 @ back office (Head Office)
  2. SambaPOS 5 @ Restaurant 1
  3. SambaPOS 5 @ Restaurant 2
  4. SambaPOS 5 @ Warehouse for Transferring Inventory

If it is possible then how can I enable it and how I can adopt this scenario. Your help will help me deciding on moving to SambaPOS 5.

A quick prompt reply would highly be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Syed Waqas Ahmad

as aposed to fake ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Multibranch is being developed with what I beleive is code named Neptune.
It as far as im aware is not publicly available yet.

In theory you could run remotly back to HQ SQL server but do not beleive this is a practicle solution.

What level of ‘link’ are you expecting to work on?
You just want to vew reports remotly - there is a user developed web reports setup on the forum which can do this.
You want to remotly manage menus - just as easily done with team viewer etc.
You want linked inventory, sales and menus - youll probably have to wait and see what happens with ‘neptune’ or develop something inhouse using the API.