Using the grouping feature to take orders by the seat

HI wanted to see if using the new grouping feature that was implemented to change courses be used to take orders by the seat.

Scenario: We do often get people that order for themselves. This is fine if there is a small table but for larger tables it becomes a bit of an effort to remember who ordered what. so was wondering if the new grouping feature could be used to group orders by the seat rather than just courses.

Would love to hear if someone has implemented a work around on this scenario.

Thanks heaps in advance.

Would this be what you’re looking for?

I think we could possible make the grouping work with that.

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Hi @Shivan it’s not from splitting bills point of view. It’s to do with serving customers their orders.

If you are not too worries about the split billing thing and more worried about just taking orders then we can still use the group method laid out in one of the previous tutorials I did and just configure it to have seat numbers or you can try the tutorial i linked just before and then can implement the grouping feature to clearly show order per seat.

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