V4 Sales Tax Help (included on specific product groups)

I missed the part about setting up a transaction type. I will try this when I get back tonight.


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Is this different then setting up a tax account as in this tutorial?


All I need to do is apply sales tax to all products, but I need to have product groups beer and liquor have “tax included” in the price.

Am I overdoing this?


Sorry, I have never used multiple taxes as UK only has VAT.
The mapping should allow you to set your different tax bands for food and alcohol.
This should be simple if a product has one tax or the other, am not sure if what your saying with ‘included in the price’ is that you have a alcohol tax included in the price and then a general sales tax on top of that (including the alcohol tax)…
Am probably wrong but if thats the case the built in tax feature may not do the whole job. I would gues (an again have not done multiple taxes) you might need to say use the built in tax for the proguct group taxes with price includes tax and then setup a calculation to add the overall sales tax (on the gross price of the products).
Sorry if this is not correct - it is my best guess from fairly limited tax setup knowledge as UK is simple so never gone too deep into it.

I think what he is saying is he wants Sales tax not included in prices of everything but beer and liquor. He wants beer and liquor to include the tax in the prices.

Couple ways to do this.

  1. Setup a different Ticket Type for Beer and Alcohol and check Tax Included button. Drawbacks is you can ONLY use this ticket type for Beer and Liquor.

  2. Setup a Tax Template for everything except Beer and Liquor and then use a system similar to the various Custom DIscount tutorials to calculate a tax for the Beer and Liquor which uses Order Tags. You simply check the Add tag price to order price option.

Option 2 will get you what you want but its more complicated setup. You can setup full accounting with it and it will work like a tax template.


All items should be tax at 8.7% sales tax (this is working fine). However, to the customer product groups “Beer” and “Liquor” should have the tax included to the customer.

I see the tax included option in the ticket, but I’m not sure if I can split this out somehow. The simplest solution I can think of is to just not charge any tax on the beer and liquor items and do it manually after the fact. However it would be nice if the system kept track of the liquor taxes even though its included in the price.


Edit: I think I misunderstood it. Let me review it once more.

So configure tax for only beers and liquors.

You can display 8.7% Tax on receipts with a printer template expression. You don’t need to configure tax template for that.

You can find a sample expression at the end of this tutorial.

I’m confused, the only way to apply taxes to the transaction “tutorial wise” I’ve found online is by creating a account and adding a tax template. Is there a spot on Samba somewhere where I can simply put 8.7% tax on everything?

I want Samba to record the taxes collected (which it does with creating an account and tax template), but with items that are “tax included” which is beer and liquor I want the system to record the amount of tax per for these items by taking its price ($5.00 for instance) and record the proper amount of tax needed for that item in the tax account. The price to the customer should appear tax free.

Does that make sense?

Sorry I misunderstood how you’ve used For Customer. I thought you meant to display tax amount separately on receipt for customer’s info. You meant something different. I’m looking it.

Is it possible to prepare a sample ticket? Seeing how amounts should calculated will make it a lot easier to understand.

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So basically like I said earlier you want 8.7% tax for everything including Beer and Liquor but you want Beer and Liquor items to be tax included in the price however everything else you do not want Tax included in price?

Like @emre said I am also kind of wondering how that would look in a ticket


Example Ticket

Sandwich $4.00
Beer $3.00

Total $7.00
Tax $.35
Total Due $7.35

So, while the customer see’s .35 in tax the system should really report .61. Ideally I think this would be done with setting up an extra account and having a Beer/Liquor Tax Account and Food/General Tax Accountant.

The main reason for this is that my restaurant has a lounge/bar and customers in the US (especially Wa) are used to having tax included on their drinks. If its $5 that’s what they see as due, but in the background the business will be paying the taxes on that, they just generally raise the price of the drink a little.


My work around right now is to setup tax template for all items except for beer and liquor. The taxes will be short on the beer and liquor side because no taxes would be applied (but the ticket would look right).


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Ok thank you for that its kind of what I thought you were aiming for. I have seen many tickets done like this in the USA I am not sure about other countries.

This will work but you would need to study the various Custom Discount tutorials to understand the flow.

Basically keep your Tax Template setup for everything except Beer and Liquor. Beer and Liquor would use the Order Tag setup. You can create accounting around it.

In fact I think I should prepare something to illustrate this as it seems order level Taxes is requested a lot. I will prepare some examples.


Thanks @kendash. I’m glad I’m got it setup correctly for right now. I’ll look into custom discounts. Worse case scenario I just leave it as is and have to manually calculate taxes, which we would do anyways. I just like the system having the right number as well for double checking.


I have almost got a sample built for you… its easier setup than the custom discounts honestly … it just can be confusing if trying to look at discounts and translate it to taxes.

Ok here it is:

First here is how it looks:

Notice I set mine up to only apply the hidden tax to Salads. Both of those salads non tax price is 5.60 I set tax rate of 8.25%

Tax templates take care of the rest of my items as you can see below Tax total of 1.05 is for Hamburger Steak Dinner, Burrito Dinner, and Diet Coke.Medium.

The tax you see in blue only show on your screen so you can be sure tax was added. The printed ticket will only show price of 6.06 it will not show a tax.

Now here is the full setup, give me a few minute while I build screenshots. I will show you how to set this up we will cover setting up accounting next in a separate portion.

Setup Your Tax Template for every item except Liquor and Beer by using Mapping

Setup an Order Tag Group

Tickets > Order Tags

Select Add Tag Price to Order Price
Select Tax Free (Thought this shouldn’t matter)

Setup an Order Tag by clicking Order Tag List

Set Price to 0.00
Save the Order Tag group no mapping required.

Setup a Tag Order action

For Order Tag Name select the Order Tag Group you just made
For rest of the action enter the variables as shown in screenshot.

Setup an Order Added to Ticket rule

Constraint should equal your Liquor and Beer Menu Item Code
Add your action you just made.

Tax Name should be your Order Tag Name
Tag Note is optional its if you want to show something next to the tag in the Ticket Screen I used it to show the Tax Amount.
For Tax Amount use this expression:

[=F(TN('{PRICE}') * 0.0825),0.00]  where 0.0825 is replace it with your tax rate %

Thats it for applying the Taxes now we need to setup the Accounting.

Setup an Account Transaction Type for Liquor Tax

It should be setup the same as your transaction type for your Sales Tax just set the name of it as Liquor Tax or whatever you want to name it.

Setup Create Account Transaction action

Name should be the name of the Transaction Type you just made
Amount should be the variable shown in screenshot.

Setup a Payment Processed rule

Put your action you just made inside this rule and for Amount use this:


Thats it your done.

Cool thing about this method is it will track Liquor tax along with your other Sales taxes.


You make it look so easy @kendash.

Just so I understand what’s happening can you explain the flow? How does the rule work?

Which Rule there are 2?

The first rule is applying the tax by using an Order Tag. You are calculating the tax using the expression:

[=F(TN('{PRICE}') * 0.0825),0.00]  where 0.0825 is replace it with your tax rate %

When you made the Order Tag Group you chose to add the Order Tag Price to the Orders Price so it makes it Tax Included.

The constraint ensures its only applying it to those specific items.

It is adding the tax at item level using Order Added to Ticket.

The second Rule is recording the Transaction into Accounting by using the tag {ORDER TAG TOTAL:Sales Tax} Sales Tax is the name of your Order Tag Group that you made. This puts the total of those order tags into the transaction.

To sum it all up you are calculating the tax using an expression instead of a template and then recording it into the accounting you had setup for your taxes.

There are several benefits to doing this. Since you are doing taxes on Item Level you have more control. For example you could remove taxes from single item… etc

BTW I might add you may want to edit your printer Template so it excludes the Tax Order Tag from showing. To do this simply add this line to bottom of your template:

[ORDER TAGS:Sales Tax] 

Sales Tax would be the name of the order tag group you made. This makes it so it will not show any Sales Tax order tags.

I only see 1 rule above. “Liquor Tax”

Can you show how this would look? I’ve only used ticket tags/modifiers.

By doing this and recording the liquor tax does it reduce the actual sale price when recording the to the sales account?

For instance:
$5.00 for beer including tax
$.44 to liquor tax account
$4.56 to sales account