V5 - Bar Tab Setup


The reason why on the main Ticket list from samba menu that the ticket doesnt change type from bar tab to sale is that my sale ticket type hasnt copied in the database tools file, if you amend that action as shown below it will update the ticket type back to ticket (the default in samba, sorry i changed mine from ticket to sale)


FIXED SETTLE SCREEN - I think the reason why it isnt working on bar tabs is because the ticket type Bar in your mapping is wrong it should be Bar Tab so change you mapping to the below


ill update the changes, test and upload a new database tools file :slight_smile:


Ive done all the above… let see… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, its all sorted now, brilliant thanks :smile:

You legend you :wink:


no probs :slight_smile: glad its working for you (and i now know there’s a couple or errors i need to amend to fix the database tools file, so thanks for testing :slight_smile: )


Call me tester, I don’t seem to be able to do anything else here at the moment. I was trying to get my head around the disable logout the other day but i couldn’t get it in my head… i think it was the 2 days of 19 and 17 hours with 4 hours in-between made my brain refuse to work…

Ill have another go later!


ive updated the bar tab entity screen to show bar tab limit of each ticket and the total value of the ticket is now the remaining balance so if tab is £10 but the pay £5 off it instead of showing the ticket total of £10 it will now show they have £5 left to pay off the tab so yo need actually need to open the ticket to see the remaining balance

Delete the Open Bar Tab entity screen first
Then add this database tools file below and it will replace your entity screen :smile:)

Bar Tab Entity Screen.zip (1.5 KB)


Bar Tab Setup Database Tools File now updated to work in full - tested on blank database with sample data.

Bar Tab Setup.zip (4.5 KB) 30/03/2015 @ 15.25


ill do this later and test it. Just sending my last member of staff home… I HAVE to work… oh man. Then off to the cemetery so ill do it afterwards :smiley:


Hi @RickH, Great future to share this implementation.
I have implemented the Bar Tab, nice setup, here a view comments were I think we can improve.
I cannot close the work period as the bar tab is not closed, not sure of this was your intention, I look at regular customers who pay let say once a week, so I should be able to settle this in a separate outstanding account.
Printer does spit a lot of paper if I add order to the open tab.
It should be easy if we can select from customers instead of typing a name.
If I have some time I will work on this and see of we can improve.


My setup wouldnt have open tabs, they would all be settled before closing work period. You could add an action to change ticket type to preorder when opening the tab, this would allow worl period to close with open tickets and this is what i have done with my suspended sales setup (i cloned the bar tab setup and added that ticket change)

The reason i use ticket tags to type the name on the tab is because i dont want to use entities which would mean creating a customer entity and adding them to the ticket and possibly never use it again. For me the ticket tag option is best and quicker

You could however use customer entities instead of adding a ticket tag (tickets can only be closed if an entity is added or a ticket tag is added to the ticket) this way you could use the account feature and track customers accounts and this would allow you to close work period without changing ticket to a pre order :smile:

Sounds like you would be better to use customer entities instead of ticket tag for your custmer account option. You can then just ticket tags for the tab limit amount if you need that feature as its quick and easy to set a limit, override it and only allow admins to override

Hope that helps your implementation :slight_smile:


Hi @RickH, yes that’s what I mean, I will check and implement later. Thanks.


When customer requests paying later assign ticket to a customer account and Close ticket with Customer Account transaction.


@emre your a giant, thinks can be so simple if you know were to look. Will implement soon in V5 as this I also need for other function.


Rickh we really should not be recommending using pre order option to park tickets it will cause people more issues later.

Pre order was a specific feature for self explanatory reasons. Using it for parking real tickets is never a good idea.


@kendash could you elaborate on the expected issues?
Have been asked to add a way for ‘locals tabs’ to be carried over days (as they are printing and voiding at the minute).
Would rather not use accounts personally as think it will overcomplicate the workflow for the owner.
Was going to use preorder but you say its likely to cause issues?


Pre Order tickets are not real tickets…

A tab is an account…I am not sure how using an account aka tab is complicated… a pre order ticket is not a tab nor is it an account.

You simply create an account or “Tab” for customer and add that Customer Account to ticket… you pay with the account so it holds the tab.

If you convert ticket to preorder just to hold ticket then your not using a TAB system your just creating a non real ticket and holding that ticket…


I mean my understanding is they would prefer to be able to give the local a tab print out of all items rather than multiple tickets/some form of statement.


Wouldnt it be more simple if they just gave the local a printout of their account and account activity? You could easily create a report showing the orders as well.