V5 - Bar Tab Setup

@GreatShakesBar Here is my bar tab setup, the flow

  1. Add Orders and press Open Bar Tab button

  2. Enter customers name, ticket tag updates with customers name AND add Bar Tab Limit if £50.00 (you can change this in the limit rule to whatever you want as default limit)

  3. You will also notice three new buttons appear, Tab Name, Tab Limit and Close. For now just click close and the bar tab will close and receipt prints to give customer. The receipt has a barcode so when customer returns you can scan barcode to open ticket immediately. Alternative use the recall bar tab button

  4. To recall the bar tab either scan the barcode or select Recall Bar Tab from the POS screen OR the Open Bar Tabs Button from the Nav Screen

  5. When recalling a bar tab (without scanning barcode) the open bar tab screen appears, simply click the tab to open it

  6. With the bar tab now open you can add more orders and press the close button to update and close the ticket. you can also change the tab name. Press the tab name button to display the keyboard and enter the new name. Watch the ticket tag update the name at the bottom

Bar tab screen also updated

  1. Changing the Tab Limit, Default is set at £50, if you add orders to make the ticket total greater than £50 and try to press the close button you will get a warning message as below

you now have two options, click OK and ask the customer to settle the bill OR increase the bar tab limit. It may be that the limit is £50 and the bill comes to £52 so you may chose to increase the limit to £52 for that round of drinks and ask customer to settle on next visit to the bar. So now click the Tab Limit button and type in a new limit. for my example ill change to £150

limit now increased to £150, pressing the close button will now work and close ticket

  1. Once ticket is settled in full it will no longer appear on the open tabs screen

  2. You will also see in the ticket list that bar tabs tickets are easily identifyable

and that when the ticket is settle the ticket type change to Sale

The only changes i will make now are to add the bar tab limit to the receipt template and add it to the open bar tabs screen.

This database tool file will work as shown above, the only manual amendments you will need to do are to check the bar tab RULES and ensure the department setting for MAPPING is set to *. You may find 2 or 3 of the rules are blank as i have different departments, if you dont have a Bar department the setting is blank and the rules wont work so just change any blanks to *

If you want to change the default limit from £50 amend the below action

you will then need to remove this action from the “Bar Tab - Open” rule, save it, close the rules tab, re-open the rule and add the action back and save. (Or change the action to a variable then you can update the limit directly from the “Bar Tab - Open” rule.

Bar Tab Setup.zip (4.5 KB) Updated 30/03/2015 @ 15.25



you are a diamond! Ill get this up for next weekend. Had a very very busy night tonight, I DJ in our place, even had a round of applause after the last song… what?

What sort of business do you do? I forgot where you say you are?


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wooo, amazing! It works a treat! One question… lets say a customer wanted to pay the next day… I cant end a work period, is there a way to overcome that?


The only way is to use the customer accounts. There is another way, i know @Jesse wouldnt advise as inventory and sales etc dont get updated but if it was an emergency and the customer didnt have enough money you could either convert the ticket to a preorder ticket which would allow you to close work period

Or a simpler method would probably be to just open the tab and close it so it generates a print out, cancel the transaction and close work period. Then the next day use the printed receipt to just key all the items back in and the settle ticket

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Yeah, ill just do that. Its awesome though going to save a lot of headaches. Really appreciate it!


Ive updated open tab screen and receipt template with the tab limit amount ill uploadthe files later :slight_smile:

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You could make the tab actual accounts and use a tab payment type which would let you close WP and customers pay their tab later date. We use customer accounts term a lot but reality is it can be any type of accounts including tabs.


@RickH is there a setting I need to change on the settle button?

When I hit settle, it doesn’t go to the settle screen and therefore cannot close the ticket.



Has that only happened since installing the bar tab setup? I dont use the settle button as i have fast cash buttons on POS screen, so i never use the settle screen except when doing a refund

Can you check mapping of settle button

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Fast cash is on my Bar screen, I don’t allow the girls in the milkshake bar to use that option.

If I use fast cash buttons it cashes off but doesn’t move it from the list and is still an open ticket of 0p

The settle button docent work.

Sorry … I’m a pain

edit: all mappings are on *

edit: infact, fast cash doesn’t work for me either. I made a tab for 1p, went into the bar screen and hit fast cash and it printed off a tab receipt saying balance due 0.01

can you check sambas ticket list from the main menu, does the settled ticket still say it is Bar Tab ticket type or did it change to Sale. I have a rule that changes the ticket type from bar tab to sale when ticket is settled, that could be why it is showing on the bar tab ticket lister with £0 amount as it is set to show tickets with a bar tab ticket type

it says Bar Tab under ticket list

edit: ive also checked the mappings for that rule and its all set as *

your setup must be slightly different to mine with some rules somewhere as all my fast cash buttons work perfect. im not at my pc right now i should be able to get on a little later to check my settings and try to compare to yours

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ok thanks, sorry to be a pain. I bet this is why you didn’t really want to do it…


bar tab should have changed to Sale if the ticket is fully settled, i mustnt have added that rule in the export file, ill send that later too. That should solve the issue of it still displaying on the bar tab list screen, when the ticket type is changed to sale it should disappear.

i did test this on a blank database with sample data and it worked fine, well get it sorted :slight_smile:

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there is a rule called something like “change bar tab to sale” - I’m not at the till right now, but it is there…


im having a test now on sample database, i dont know why your settle button isnt working as on a sample database using bar tab setup it is working, so you might have modifies something on your system. when you get a chance can you do some screen shots of settle rule

im trying to sort the tabs clearing from the tab list now

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easy enough for me to run over to the till, I’m just sat on my arse at the moment letting the staff work. Why buy a dog and bark yourself?



right ive sorted why the tickets arnt disappearing from the ticket list, my disable bar tab state action was wrong (i copied on old version to the database file, thats why my system removes them and yours did not) what you need to do is just amend this action as below. Its seems you no longer need to remove the action from the rule, save the rule, close it all, then reopen the rule and add the action back. I simply amded the action and the rule updated automatically

This will remove the Bar Tab autorpint state that the bar tab list looks for to list the bar tab orders, once that state is removed the list wont display it. however any tickets youve done so far wont be removed youll need to reopen the tickets, cancel payments and settle them again and that should remove them