V5 Release date and its features

What is release date of V5 and what features it will have?

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Early June, so just a few weeks to wait now

There are loads of new features, too many to list! the whole scripting engine has changed allowing for more in depth setups, theres a new twitter order action, the timetrex integration has been amending with additions such as editing punches, were currently talking about integrated menu boards using monitor displays, there the addition of an html printer used to generate a customer screen for viewing orders, theres some design changes

then loads more complex stuff that has been possible due to the scripting engine changes

Very exited!! Thanks @RickH :smile:

heres a couple of my screen shots

Dark Theme (3D style buttons arent a new feature ive created them myself using images and MS Paint)

On the fly stock balances - I have this set with a auto command button so add order, select order, press stock level button and ticket header updates. you could also use display message or ask question to display the stock level but i prefer the ticket header

Ive also added a warning when stock level falls below 5

More formatting added to ticket header, font, size etc so i use it to display ticket total and number of items

You can now group items on the on screen ticket and change colours of the group and text, this shows all my age restricted items together (you can also apply this group formatting to ticket templates)

theres some new reporting tags so we can include the workperiod id, start ticket number and end ticket number in reports as below

these are some of my more basic setups @Jesse and @QMcKay have done a lot more complex things with dynamic navigation screens and payroll setups etc

this is my basic nav screen (which you can chose to use instead of the basic “main menu” screen which you can customise however you want

the most complex thing ive done with the help of kendash and qmckay is setup a cashing up screen

the most recent talked about ideas in the beta forum are the menu display boards and the onscreen customer display which look really cool!!

were onto version 27 of V5 so there are a lot of changes and quite a large features thread that has been put together with the changes and updates in each version so there will be loads to get your teeth into when it releases, what ive shown you is more of the basic stuff that ive done but there is a lot more complex things that can be done. After release and further down the line theres a cloud system going to be developed and probably more we dont know about yet. with everyones input its just getting better and better and new features are being developed all the time

so not long to wait now :wink:


Can’t wait for SambaPOS Professional to be released!! it looks awesum!!

Hello @RickH - sorry to interrupt but have to ask.
Is it possible to have multiple Customer Running Balances on Accounts in V5? These Customer Accounts are simply styled as “1 Customer can have multiple wallets” i.e. Customer Bar Account, Customer Winnings Account, Customer Shopping Account and all with running balances.

During the Tender process the Cashier can select to pay by cash or charge to one of these wallets. Obviously wallets can have prepayments and topups (ROA’s). I have brought this up before to @emre and have been patiently reading, learning and waiting. I can post links to previous discussions if required.

Anyway I would appreciate you mention this on the beta. Also I would be VERY happy to test this feature for you.
Many thanks and enjoy reading your posts, Paul

Im pretty sure customers can still only have one account, ive not seen a way to give them more than one. Ill put your request out to beta posts and see if anyone has an idea of how to do it

I would appreciate that thanks @RickH. Emre mentioned something about “sub-accounts” but was unsure at the time - thanks again.

Hi guys, any update on the release date of V5? Very exciting!!!

No updates but should be soon. You can see the license for it in samba market. Licensing is being tested with staff right now.

i thought V5 will also be a free program? what is this licensing about??

I bought all the extra modules in V4 as a form of donation and still
dont use all of them. But now we should purchase licences for the main
program too ? Does this mean SambaPos is going fully commercial ?

You don’t have to upgrade to V5. I don’t use samba because its free I use it because it is the best restaurant pos i have seen. Also the support on here is better than any paid solution I have ever come across.


As jay said you don’t have to upgrade to v5, v4 will continue to work the same as v3 does however the increased functions in v5 are easily worth it if you need them.
Once you see all the improvements when released if you don’t need them then as said don’t upgrade.

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$99 is extremely affordable. What would going commercial mean? Of course it’s a business.

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99$is extremely cheep for what we get here.

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Do not fear SambaPOS will always be the best possible price. Emre has said numerous times if he can keep it free he will. It comes down to resources and unfortunately we dont live in a world where those kind of resources are free.


@Aksel I think I understand your point. You helped me by buying modules even you don’t need them but now you have to pay $99 to be able to upgrade to V5. That makes you feel like cheated somehow.

I tested a lot of different ideas to be able to keep improving SambaPOS for free and I successfully did it for more than 4 years. Thank you very much helping us. That really helped on V4 development.

However just like any other business we need resources to be able to keep doing what you’re expecting from us to do. We’re not demanding a tribute with nothing in exchange. V5 comes with a lot of great improvements and also includes all paid V4 modules.

PS: If you’re running a non-commercial business I’ll be glad to help if you PM me details about your business.

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Hi Emre,

Thank you for all you have been doing, am sure everyone appreciates you.

But we are really really hungry to see how V5 is. When is it really coming out?

I already paid the $99 dollars even though I know its not ready yet, that’s to show you how much trust and respect we all have for you.

Like someone said earlier …we are not using Samba because its free…we are using it because its the best, if we have to pay a fair price…no problem.

But when is V5 coming out? Today? Tomorrow ?

Any day now. He wanted to release sooner but he’s been very busy. hopefully it’s this weekend.