V5 Release Date

@ Emre
I know you are working hard but when do you think you will have a stable V5 out?

And can I start configuring V 5.143 and then update to the official release once its out by simply installing it over the previous version? I take it there will not be any compatibility problems right?

Thank you so much again for your awesome work!

HI Aksel,

I run from V5.1.28 life in our Restaurant and any upgrade no problem.
There is no issue with any updates, so yes you can start configuring.
For the release of V5 to the public, only Emre cans answer this call.

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Many people are using V5 in their live environments and it is fully stable, just ensure you regularly backup :slight_smile:


I like the new stuff, where can I get a copy of V5 ?

It’s invite only beta right now.

how can you have the beta v5?

Typically we invite people that we feel can contribute to the project and help us generate ideas/progress. Ill give some examples of things we try to avoid. We try avoiding inviting people that are just asking for help and wanting things done as examples but never contribute anything to community. The goal of the beta is to grow and improve.

Emre, Me, and QMcKay are constantly watching forum and if we see people we feel could contribute or we feel have interesting concept we would like to discuss with v5 we give them invites. We also look for business needs that we feel v5 might be able to solve when v4 couldnt that also may open up configuration ideas for further improvement.

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If you were part of the beta invite then you will get further instructions, everyone else will see plans for v5 release very soon.

:warning: Anyone not in the beta but accidentally got access to v5 then it will stop working after some time so its advised you do not install it in a live environment.

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