V5 Ticket List New Features

Hi there,
Recently upgraded to V5, wanted to know if there are some docs available for creating the ticket list widget, with the new features available for V5, i want to do a simple list display for the kitchen, that can change color after elapsed time to indicate if order is OK or needed to be rushed. Just saw this post Trigger to change entity state as a teaser for V5, but now its available can someone please help on this new subject. Thanks.

I copy @RickH screen.


<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 100><color #AA00FF00>{TICKET ID} </color></block>
<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 200><color #2D89EF>{TICKET TAG:Open Bar Tabs}</color></block>
<L><size 10><block 10>
<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 110><color #FFF79646>{TICKET QUANTITY SUM} </color></block>
<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 150><color red>£{TICKET TOTAL} </color></block>
<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 140><color #FF8064A2>{USER NAME} </color></block>

<J>  [=('{QUANTITY}x' + "    ").substring(0, 4)] {NAME}|£{TOTAL AMOUNT}<br/>

Other settings

This should be enough for you to start.

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Here is @Jesse script to change text color

function min(minutes)
  var test = minutes;

  if (test>10){

  return '<R><block 276,0,0,0><color Red>' + test + ' min.</color></block>';


  return '<L><block 276,0,0,0>' + test + ' min.</block>';

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All right then, that should get me started! Thanks so much!