V5 Trial Version

Good Day
If You run SambaPOS V5 in trail version… How long before the Trail Version Expires?

Trial will never expire :slight_smile:

Only thing that after 500 tickets a message will popup remidning the user that it is a trial version.

If you genuiley are using this for a business you shouldnt see any problems paying the $100 for the licesnes considering the capablities of samba can be found in POS software in the 4-5 digits!

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We’re from South Africa… Not sure how payment then works. i try to login at the samba market but nothing happens

Get int contact with @emre He should be able to help you out with liscense issues, You need to regsiter and purchase on this website: http://www.sambamarket.com/Modules and try buying it there, after this you can logon to samba market in the Software