Validate payment type

I have a “Print invoice” button in the payment screen. I need to make sure that the user printed an invoice before been able to click on the “Credit card” payment option.

I have tried validating using a “Payment processed” rule along with the “Cancel Ticket Payments” action in case an invoice was not printed for the ticked. Unfortunately the Cancel Payments action cancels “all” the payments.

I need to prevent the user from leaving the Payment screen an amount is been payed with a credit card and no invoice was issued. When I issue an invoice I create I ticket tag on which I can later look up for.

Is there an easy way to solve this problem?

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Can you not just automate the forced printing of an invoice when credit card selected?
If not you would probably want to set a ticket state on invoice printing - something like Invoice=Printed and set mapping/automation for payment type selector based on that state.

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