Value Looped Rule Dificulties

Am having issues with my attempt at a recurring ticket.

Looking to have a timer product for a 28 day rental.
The rental product price is drawn from an entity field (where entity is the car for hire)
At the minute am using looped values from a ticket lister showing open rentals.
Vales are opened,
If ticket total is less than the monthly rental price closed
Continuing (if its value is a full month)
Second rental item added (price is updated by a order update on add using entity field)
Rule for select the original order/item (submitted state)
Move order (move to new ticket)
Stop timer
Charge to customer account - tendered amount is ticket total

I think the issue ive hit is the move action.
I get cant display ticket message

Bit more testing and might be my select order action :-/

The best way to troubleshoot is to add multiple Show Message Actions in-between the other Actions in the Rule.

Show Messages containing things like Loop Value, Ticket ID, Ticket Total, Rental Price, Customer Account, etc.

Be sure to include a message that contains the Action Constraint you used for Close Ticket.

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Thanks, will try that.
@QMcKay before I start am just curious how the show messages will act, will they pop up one at a time ‘pausing’ the flow or will I get a stack of messages?

The messages will pop up one at a time. Place them in-between other Actions, and make them so that you know what it is you’re seeing - for example:


… etc …

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