Vat amount is not changing after pressing discount button

Dear all,

I have facing huge problem regarding VAT amount after putting discount.
let me explain it. i Have a item with price 150$ , add 15% VAT equals 22.50$ . then i put 20% discount on item prices which reduce item price to 120$ and VAT of 120% is 18$.
my problem is when i put 20% discount then the VAT amount is not changing. I am using Samba POS V3 open source.
thanks in advance.

Wow V3 is years old. I even don’t have it on my PC :slight_smile: We still keep it accessible for people who needs source code to customize for personal needs and who can debug & compile it to resolve their issues. If you don’t need to do that I’ll strongly suggest you to upgrade to latest versions.

If I can remember correctly you can try disabling Tax Included setting for discount configuration but it is really just a guess. It might be something else.

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Yeah, it’s this setting I believe (haven’t tested):

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Thanks emre,
I am using that version as im using its source code for customizing to use in my restaurant. yes i have disable the Tax include in calculation type field. but the discount does not impacting on ticket total and vat amount. it only impacting on balance amount.

Is there any one who can help me out??

Sorry if it was v4 or 5 I would. I’ve never used v3

Test with / without tax included setting. Also test with / without use plain sum setting.


thanks markjw,

I have tried in both way in settings, but found no change. do you have any other solution?

thanks kendash,

okk give me the solution in respect to v4/v5. lets see, the solution might also work for V3 too.

put a - next to 20? -20.00

No, unlikely it will accept that. If you notice, “decrease amount” is checked which means the same

The solution for v4 / v5 would be it just works - I don’t believe there to be any issue with those versions with regard to discount calculations. Can I suggest you download v4 on another system then upgrade your v3 database to it and test it out? If it works fine in v4 then you know the issue is related to v3.

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What customizations did you feel you needed source code for your business? Most all configurations can be done in v5 without needing to edit source.