VAT and Discount both calculate on the total figure

Now the system is going on like this:
Total ------------------------- 400/- (a)
(+) Discount--------------- 40/- (10% on a)

Total ------------------------- 360/- (b)
(-) VAT ---------------------- 54/- (15% on b )

Gross Total --------------- 414/-

I want to do like this:
Total-----------------400/- (a)
(+) VAT ------------- 60/- (15% on a)

Total --------------- 460/-
(-) Discount ------ 40/- (10% on a)

Gross Total ------ 420/-

Now anybody can help me to do this. I want to do this in to my Samba POS V4.

Why would you do it that way? You would give discount before VAT else your paying more VAT that you need to?..

VAT is calculated on sales, if you give discount thats less sales so less VAT…

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May be our VAT Authority demanded VAT on the actual amount.
So I want to do this.
Now if is it possible please give me the solution.

Ok so start with showing us how you configured your VAT. Also show us how you configured discount.

Here I attached the whole setting of VAT and discount settings respectively.

Try moving the VAT Tx Type to the top of the list, before the Discount Tx Type.

There is a link on the right to Sort Transaction Types, when clicked, you hold and drag the Tx Type up or down, then click ok.

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OK I edited the sequence of the flow of the screen shot.

I followed your instruction but didn’t happen any change.

You did not show your calculation type. You have wrong screenshot for that one.

Sorry! for late. I was not available.
This my calculation type of discount.

What it calculates when you also enable Include Tax option?