VAT calculation show on Report miscalculated or misconfigured?

Dear all, hope you are doing well.

I recently encountered a strange one:

a takeaway has a full 20% vat menu,
they are planing to have some cold dishes soon, so there is the 0% vat set but not used yet.
and today after the cash up, the report is doing something I am unable to explain and figured to share here to see if anyone might have some ideas?

here is the work period report (default)

from here you can see, the totals match,
but the strange thing is if you look at the vat (20%), it shows 183.83,
which calculates to a sales figure of 919.15
but on the report, the total sales is 1007.07, there is this 87.92 that I fail to understand where it is from.

and when move on to the payment details section, it shows this, which there is a difference in every ticket type as you can see below:

Then you can see on the sales report:
according to the 1190.90 tax inclusive figure, then 20%vat should be 198.49.

and here is the tax template mapping

I am so much confused. and could you please share some thoughts? cheers!

Are all the ticket types set to include tax?

Doesnt solve but is there not VAT of delivery and service? Should be no

Hi jesse, yes ticket types all include tax:

yeah, I am aware that by default the delivery service and service fees are exclusive of tax.
I have built another report for reporting them as taxable, which is where it showed this 87.92 as 0%vat, and it caught the takeaway’s attention, as there shou be no 0%vat sales, yet.
i don’t suppose there is a way to set tax on them right?


I believe the issue is the Tax Included, not that there is a problem but just how it is recorded in the database.

Lets say you sell something for $10.00 with Tax Included (20% VAT). The actual selling price is actually $8.33 ($10/1.20) (how I get the 1.20 is by adding a 1 before the tax amount) plus the tax of $1.67. However, Samba records the orders sale in the database as $10.00. When reporting out the orders you should account for discrepancy.

So if we take the 1190.90 / 1.2 = 992.42 x 20%VAT = 198.48 (off by .01 because of rounding)

just reporting back.

I think i have found the 87.92.
I went ticket by ticket to find the differences in tax.
noticed that the client has online ordering,
and there is an item that comes on a deal,
the deal item was not grouped in any groups and made a sale of 88.00.
I figured the 0.08 was from discrepancy from rounding as bob said above.
I havbe now grouped the item properly and I will keep an eye on this system and see if it reoccurs.

thanks everyone!

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You can set decimal place for rounding in tax templates. just an fyi.

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