VAT number registration

Hi, I have just downloaded Samba Pos for a restaurant and I am trying to set it up. however I have found difficulty. In Malta we have a law where we get a special VAT no where we need to register it to the POS so that the system can be lawful. As regards to vat rates I have found no problems I managed.

Is it possible to register my VAT to the system?


What do you mean by Register it to the POS?

Thank you for your response. The Vat department told me that my VAT has to be put in the POS System so that when I pront the bill, ot will be fiscal.

So your talking about a fiscal printer?

I have contacted VAT department again and told me thst I have to apply for a vat exemption no which then need to be inputted to the software together with VAT no which will be printed in the bill for clients.

Do you want to print your VAT Registration Number in the receipts? You can add your VAT Registration Number if you edit the ticket template and put it there. This way whenever a bill is printed it will be shown there.


You should likely also enter the information in Program Settings in the User Information field so that it appears on Report Headers.

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Many thanks. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

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Glad you got your answer. I am not very familiar with VAT so I typically dig for a little information before I give an answer.