Verify Table Selection by Unique Code/PIN Generated on Ticket

Hi, Out of Curiosity. Is this Possible?

Requirement or Reason: I want Customers to see their orders and the total amount (basically their ticket) via a web page.

Let’s say a page is created and it shows select table via drop-down. Now user can select the table. At this stage, they can select any table and see its data. To prevent that I am thinking we can have another field show up (Similar to OTP System) to enter that tables PIN / Unique code which is auto generated when the ticket is created and is displayed under the note or someplace on the ticket screen.

and when user selects table , they also have to enter this unique code to see that table data.

unique code/Pin which is visble on Ticket screen can be passed on to customer on request by waiter.

My Query: Can we generate such code which will act like authentication code.

if yes, how can we do this ?

Your going to need to create the webpage etc. You would use samba API and maybe SQL if needed to pull data from samba.
It should be possible but your going to have to put the work in and make the page.

I think webpage can be created using example of PM-POS, and run that application on the same system as samba, and make the customer join the same wifi network and they can connect using the localhost url. Just a temp idea, we can also try connecting via GQL then we can have a domain or something for connection.

But can we generate that unique code to act as a PIN on the TICKET also it changes everytime ticket is re created ?

You could. If nothing else you can use random function. Or if it were me I would use a combination of expressions like parts of the date and ticket detail.

How can i do that, could you help ? I dont know where to start.

Ticket tag on ticket created with {RANDOM:xxx} for value. Search forum for random expression masks.
The tag value could contain any arrangement of varables if you want less random and more structured using variables such as {DATE:xxx} expression for parts of the date time.
Depends what balance of security vs ease of access you want to go with, ie how long you want the value to be etc.

How is Metrik connecting to SambaPOS ? Is it connecting to a URL or something.
So that i can try to build that page to show table orders for customers using app.

Don’t think that will work, you’ll need your own platform using samba API and maybe some SQL in places

From a business point of view why would you want this? The idea is to get people to think as little about money as possible and spend more!