Verision 5.2.24 Challenge

Anyone else experiencing lagging when an update to the latest version 5.2.24 is done?
I updated some of our clients to this version(5.2.24) but it lags when the try to enter orders
They both have more than 3 Terminals

Can you take a video about this situation ?

I have not noticed any difference but a video would definitely help. Also information about the systems like cpu, ram etc would help as well. And any custom entity screens? or Script setups? Are each terminal hard wired with Ethernet or wifi?

I have rolled back the changes as our client is usually busy being a Friday here. Will do so on a Monday and update.

Noted. I have rolled back to and its working fine. But will upload video of the happening as soon as i’m able to.

Both wired Ethernet and WiFi.