Version 4 Question

Hello I have version 4.1.78 using DB 78.78 SQ - I just noticed that my clear all transaction button is gone. Anyone know where it may have gone? Also, my customers call in a lot of orders over the phone and say they are going to be credit or cash and then when they arrive it is a different form of payment. I have way too many voids going on here. Is there a way for me to open a ticket and change the payment type?

My merchant terminal is not connected to my POS.

And Thanks Emre - I love your POS!


Dont settle the ticket just assign an entity or ticket tag and close the ticket, then settle when they come in to collect

I have a suspend sale setup to do just that

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thank you - I did not know I could do that, now I will try to figure out how. LOL

Have a look at my tutorial here for parked sales and bar tabs