Version 5 release date?


Been hearing for months now about the pending version 5 and looking forward to use it with all the new features I am hearing about… but, is there any expected release date??


Emre said he is looking to release around first of June. But I do not think a hard set date has been established.

Thanks Kendash.

Could you let me know if possible can have an invite for beta? We have been using v3 & v4 quite a bit for a number of our clients.

Hi, I just bought a new computer to act as my server. I am guessing that I should wait for version 5? Everything I read suggests it is coming soon. Or should I download version 4 and start the process of transferring the old database over? Thanks for everyone’s help.

It will release very soon.

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Wow. I am always impressed by the speed of the reply’s. Your support is unbelievable.

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I plan to use Version 5 on a brand new computer. Will version 5 be able to restore a version 4 database backup, or will I have to upgrade to version 5 on my old machine, then back up and then transfer? I am very tempted to download version 4 on my new machine and transfer the database and get the kinks out and then upgrade. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks again.

You can upgrade V4 to V5 either on the same machine or on a brand new machine. When you install V5, and first run, you can use database backup module to restore and upgrade your V4 database to V5.

So it’s really up to you, V5 will launch in a few days but if you are keen to start now, just install V4 on your new machine.


I couldn’t wait. I’m glad I set of version 4 first. Installing SLQ when well but trying to restore the old database was a bit of a nightmare. I had to rename it and such. Hopefully one less hurdle when V5 comes out. Thanks for you help.

When v5 is released I wrote a simple quick tutorial on how to migrate your v4 database. You can look for it.

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