Very 1st set-up! extreme trouble please help! will pay $$$!

Hi SambaPOS pros

This is re-seller Angelo Gentile. I am in a tight JAM. I am deploying tomorrow with a ton still left to set-up. If there is anyone who can help guide me remotely I would be beyond grateful.

Just some context: I have been testing my Samba set-up at my home before I install it at the restaurant. I have a POSBANK A8 Thermal Printer that has malfunctioned, printing with lines through it. The replacement was supposed to arrive today but it was mis-directed to Jesse. Knowing I will be deploying tomorrow, I rushed to pick up a used Star printer, that after hours of set-up, I have found out will certainly not work (ink hardly shows up/very difficult to read). So I am back to the malfunctioning A8 for my ticket printer and my other A8 (working fine) kitchen printer. Since installing my printers the very first time with USB, I have purchased a network switch and am now attempting to set-up and connect the 2 printers, along with my terminal and IB Card Reader (Lane 3000) via my network switch/ethernet. If anyone can assist me to get my network going, I REALLY need help getting out of this hole.

Thanks in advance,

Angelo Gentile

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I cant help you with Star printer as I never set it up and seen people had ton of issues with it. But I can definitely help you setup your network so its plug and play when you get your printer back.

If you need anything within SambaPOS I can help you with that too.

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Yea the Star is not happening. How can I contact you?

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