Very Complex Diner Menu

Okay Ill look into it thanks. But Order Tags Are not possible in popups right.I apologize if im sounding stubbern I just have my mindset already with the other pos, and thats the only and most efficient way I can think of it working.

Change your mindset. Its possible but samba is not typical pos. If you approach samba with a linear mindset you will never use it to your advantage. Basically I’m telling you it will behave how you want without popups.

Okay, I know you condone this but can you please just point me in the direction of how to display order tags on popups, I just want to try it. I promise you ill check out the other methods. I just want to see how it will go.

I will be glad to show you. I just need some time. Working on some things around house as today is my day off. Its not that I condone anything. I am trying to show you that popups and the behavior that Order tags use can be one and the same.

I know its hard for you to see it unless you have experienced it so yes I will show you just give me some time I have a lot I am doing today.

**EDIT** This is fairly common when you are first learning SambaPOS.  Its such a new concept that it takes a while to really catch on to what it is. It is radically different than traditional POS software.  I am not talking about how it operates.. I am talking about how you set it up and THEN how it operates.

Maybe the best way to describe SambaPOS is... It can act and behave like any POS software...  You might have 15 different POS software that behave certain ways.. and you like how one behaves but you dont like something about the other... it would be a dream if you could take the good parts of each POS and combine them into your own vision for a POS software.... Well this is a reality with SambaPOS.

Rules and actions and pretty much entire foundation that runs SambaPOS are not built as settings for the POS.. they are built to tell the POS how to run YOUR way.  Most POS systems would just have settings you turn on or off.

Order tags for example... Most pos systems have this.. but most of them are restricted to run specifically how that POS is designed.  You have one way to build a menu and thats it.   Order tags in Samba can take on MULTIPLE behaviors..

Sorry if it sounds like I am trying to FORCE you down one path. That is not my intention I am trying to get you to see what is possible with SambaPOS. You feel the ONLY way to accomplish what you want is with popups… I am telling you there are multiple ways. Popups are just 1 of them. But in SambaPOS configuring popups is NOT the most efficient and it is not the best solution for most situations because its unnecessary. Hopefully after I finish this tutorial you will understand.

It is hard to explain Samba sometimes when the entire industry is not used to what Samba really is because they are used to being told there is only one specific way to do things and they need to be a programmer to do it their way. Or they are directed to find a different POS system that can do what they want.

Ok I will show you this in bits and pieces then I will put it all together. First is how to use Submenu’s We will get into Order Tags later.

Lets take Breakfast menu. Lets say you have Breakfast Specials and Hash, etc.

I have not even touched Order Tags yet this was all done with just menu/submenu’s… So lets keep going.

Ok now lets start with Possibilities for Order Tags

Now lets see options for pricing:


This is just ONE design you can make it behave however you want. You can make it list all default ingredients if you want your chef reading every order line by line… or it can be understood based on product as I demonstrated here.

Here is a great resource. When it comes to systems like this you really need to just mess with it. Break it a little try things that do not makes sense… get to know it inside and out… then design your system.

THIS IS KEY. Decide how you want it to flow… do not base it off POS systems… decide how YOU want your menu to flow and how you want it to make sense. I am not talking about how it operates… but how it flows…

Edit: IF I get more time tomorrow maybe I can show you more examples.


How did you did that ? Because I want to have 3 Submenu’s:
BEVERAGES (1) and then WHITE WINE (2), and in the White wine area I need 3 more (Crisp_Refreshing(with 10 types of wine), Rich_Complex(with 10 types of wine) and Fruity_Aromatic(with 10 types of wine)).
Now I have all the products in the Product List, but I need to build it like a tree.
Any ideas ?

Thats one big wine list, you really offer 30 types of white wine? Presume you are a off licence type shop rather than a restaurant/bar?

Not sure is you can have sub-submenus…

You can have sub-submenus by configuring comma separated sub menu tags like Sub1,Sub2


Yes, it’s a big restaurant, with 50 tables, and 5 till’s, and a BIG list of wines…I need to do this ASAP. Thanks for your help guys.


I tried with submenu1, submenu2, with the commas, no luck. After the Bar I put other submenu, no luck. I want to Have Beverages in the main menu, next to Kitchen and Deserts. and then Bar(inside the Beverages), And inside of the Bar, 3 or 4 submenu, like Vodka, and when I click Vodka I should see the Products (Smirnoff, Ciroc, etc)
Like a Unix tree.


Do not put spaces after the comma

OK, I am working on that. Let you know after.

To see all the products in the BAR category, I need to have one of the products inside the BAR category (in the sub menu tags, only with the name: bar.) If I put another subcategory after the word BAR,Whiskey, It doesn’t show any other products in the main menu:

If you have already a file with the products that you use, can you please attach it here on the forum ?

I am losing my F mind… Thanks.

@Jesse Can you help me with this ? If you have time :blush:

You will need to logout and log back in to see Menu changes - this refreshes the cache.

Keep in mind that your Products have no real bearing on the display of the Menu. This allows you to have the same Product listed in multiple categories.

This is achieved by editing the Menu Category called Alcohol …

Here it is again in my Wine Menu Category, split into Red and White or White,Sparkling …

I think he’s referring to the fact that we can’t have empty sub categories and all sub categories needs to have at least one menu item on V4.

V5’s sub menu feature greatly improved. I hope it will work better for your case.


Thanks for getting that. I didn’t explain so much better to you :smile:

Hello Guys,

In case that somebody needs to add multiple products, and you have different styles of the text, you can use this convertor:

Maybe you can implement that in the V5…It helped me a lot !!!


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