Very Complex Diner Menu

I just reviewed the software and I love it, however im wondering if I can setup my menu on it. I currently have another pos that supports really complex menus but its outdated.

Heres What I would like:

Press an item. popup comes up for egg doneness, then another popup for what kind of toast, then another popup for salad modifiers with buttons add, no, extra, etc. then another popup comes up do you want to add fries for 2.99.

I would also like a modify button that will bring up a popup with all modifiers that will show in reciept under the item that was selected.

I would also like to remove the number keypad in the order entry screen.

Would this all be possible without doing any source code changes on my part?

Yes, all of that is possible with SambaPOS, with no alterations to source code.

Modifiers are called Order Tags in SambaPOS. Look in Manage > Tickets > Order Tags
You can have set modifiers or “FREE Tagging” for special modifiers.
You can have modifiers that are mandatory (selection required).

While you could have pop-ups asking for modifier selections (using an Ask Question action), you may well find that it isn’t necessary, and is unnecessarily complex. The modifier selection screen is clean and easy to use on it’s own.

The number pad on the screen is optional. You can turn it off on a Menu Category basis. In fact, in each Menu Category, you can choose Small Number Pad, Large Number Pad (default), or None.

SambaPOS V4 is closed-source. You will likely find that there is no reason to want to alter the source, since the system is already very customizable.

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I just wanted to point out a couple things to get you started in the right direction. I agree with @QMcKay anything is possible with SambaPOSv4. It is closed source but it is built to be VERY modular and flexible basically you get flexibility of open source without having to be a programmer :stuck_out_tongue:

All of that said you mentioned you have a different POS software but it is out dated. The most important thing to understand about SambaPOS is that it is not just a free POS package. SambaPOS is different than any other POS package out there. It is designed to intentionally be extremely modular allowing you to shape it and make it behave how YOU want it too through Rules, Actions, Automation Commands, States, and various other settings. It behaves like open source and empowers you to completely customize it to your needs just like open source but you are given specific tools to do it with and they setup boundaries and rules to protect stability so in a way its BETTER than open source for most people.

Finally to get you started go to the documentation portion and read EVERYTHING. You need to get a good foundational understanding of how to manipulate SAMBAPOSv4 before you can truly use it. Most questions are answered in Documentation.

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Okay that sounds great. I have actually been getting an increased amount of interest for pos installations. I currently have alot of restaurant clients since I do surveillance, wireless communication systems, and digital signage. If I can get everything done to my liking perfectly I will certainly make donations for each sale that I make with it.

Few more questions:

Can I make it so it doesnt submit the order everytime I exit it ( sometimes the waitress has to tend to other matters as shes in the middle of taking a order.

Could I add my company logo on the login screen.

Could I add barcodes to the tickets to scan the ticket to pull it up for the waitress to cash out the customer.

With the other pos it stores all order information to sql server. I was fairly easy to query all the information into a web server that I connected my clients phone to, so right now he is able to see all his sales live on the phone. Is it going to be possible with this?

Also can I disregard the schedule system completely thus not requiring the user to clock in before they can use the pos?

You can do EVERYTHING mentioned.

There is not a schedule system… If your refering to a prebuilt database that was MY custom setup that I designed. You can use it as example of whats possible.

No I was reffering to the start schedule period requirement for first login for the customer. I want them to login and it goes straight to the table status page.

Yes you can do that. Its through user roles. But you cannot do anything unless a Work Period is started. That is not scheduling that is for reporting, accounting, and tracking work period data.

Typically a manager or responsible employee would login and start work period BEFORE any other employees log into system.

Ok so I cant make it not require starting a work period. Its not a big deal, but alot of restaurants here prefer to use punch cards so that would just get in the way of the user.

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Your confusing it with scheduling and time clock… it is not a time clock. It is for reporting financials and inventory etc. IE START OF DAY END OF DAY.

Oh my apologies. I understand now. So only one user would do it at the start of the day and the end. So a waitress logs in the middle of the day when her shift starts and it would prompt her?

It will prompt if you try to use pos that you have to start a work period first yues.

Ok thats fine. Could you please give me a brief outline on how I can achieve this:

Click Item 2 eggs, then order tag click ADD then Bacon (I already got all this working) now I want it to bring a popup with a new order tag asking for how I want my bacon cooked. This popup should only come up when i click bacon. Im trying to do it with the actions and rules but I cannot get it to work. Could you please give me a brief explanation?

Thank You!

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First you should look through documentation to get a grasp of how to use rules/actions. And then look for Order Tag documentation get a grasp of that. THen once you understand how it works decide how you want your system to look and behave.

You may not need or want to use popups when you see how order tags flow. But you certainly can make it use popups if you decide that is a required feature.

Keep in mind there are MULTIPLE ways to use order tags.

Yeah I have a pretty good Idea on how to do menu design, i am convinced this is how i want it to work.

When order tag contains Add Bacon, I want it to bring up another popup containing another ordertag.

I setup the rules when order tagged if matches Order Tag Value Contains Add Bacon then select action

But now for the action, I went to create new action but how would I do it:
Which action type is able to bring a popup displaying order tags? I am trying Display Popup or Ask a question. But I cant see anywhere to select which order tag I want displayed.

It sounds like you should use prefixes instead of a popup. Instead of explaining how you think the menu should look/operate maybe explain what your flow will be like…

Look at freetagging… you can use free tagging to tell it how to cook the bacon… look at prefixes as well.

I am still kind of tied up… I will give you an example after few hours.

On the side it will be choice of soup salad or coleslaw. Then the popup will be the modifiers

Why do you need it to be a popup? If its all popup driven then what will you do with the empty space on right of ticket?

Order tags can appear disappear and use modifiers without using a popup. The flow you want can be done without actions or rules.

Your approaching this differently than its designed. You have one definition in mind for how prefix works when in reality it can work and behave multiple ways.

If i put all those buttons on the side, they would clutter the space completely and it wouldnt be as fast. With popups you will only see the salad modifiers when you click them.

You do not need popups to make order tags behave how you want. Prefixes are not just words put on a tag. Nor is it just a category. It can be a behavior

Look up different tutorials on order tags and read it through. Your thinking on how they operate is wrong. They are not always just buttons

Actually look at this I helped someone with a specific setup here.