VIP and Happy Hour Tutorial V5

With reference to the following tutorial:

I about to launch into tutorial and wondering if @QMcKay you would be kind enough to cast your “acute eye” (hey funny pun? :innocent: ) over the tutorial to see if all methods are still relevant? I have reviewed briefly but not confident that if I am stuck on the implementation whether I need more panadol or V5 has faster and better implementations.

I would be happy to wait if things can be done better in V5 using the newer reference techniques. I will just move to Loyalty Points or Reservations or… :sleepy:

I still use the method posted in the Tutorial, even in v5 and it works very well for me. I am not aware of any changes being required to make it work in v5.

I have not revisited the setup to see if it could be made more efficient or streamlined using new methods available to v5… I may do so at some time, but for now, it works so well that I’m just leaving well-enough alone.

That said, I am reviewing certain setups and will revise Tutorials for v5, such as the basic Timeclock and the Punch Editor (v5 only)… it is just a matter of finding the time.

EDIT: looking through the VIP/HH Tutorial just now, I see there are some discrepancies between screenshots and the copy/paste data that could cause confusion. I will take some time today to update it.


No that’s perfect Q :+1: if it is still working for you in V5 unchanged then that is good enough for me!
Thanks again.
EDIT: Just saw your note - sensational, I will do my best to make time Friday to walk through, now back to bed for me.