VIP & Happy Hour, "PriceList" not functioning

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So I thought I would be smart and retype this whole tutorial :weary: Now I confess I am still crawling around a bit in SambaPOS but the PriceList Setting is not set anywhere to “HH” in the tutorial. I am correct? Needless to say my POS Tile is not showing Active. The bigger issue is "HH: discount is not kicking in as well.

I have searched the V5 tutorial for the KEY: PriceList=HH but it cannot be found. Finally I searched the ZIP import file and located these 2 Rules; CD Modify Ticket VIP State when Ticket Opened - different from the tutorial; and HH Update PriceList - not in the Tutorial.

"EventName":"TicketOpened","Name":"CD Modify Ticket VIP State when Ticket Opened","RuleConstraints":"[{\"L\":\"{ENTITY NAME:Customer}\",\"N\":\"YBaEosvcQm\",\"O\":\"IsNotNull\",\"R\":\"\"}]","SortOrder":50,"Tags":"discount,CD"},{"Actions":[{"ActionName":null,"CustomConstraint":"'{DATE:ddd}'!='{SETTING:HHstartDay}' || [=TN('{DATE:HHmm}')]<[=TN('{SETTING:HHstartTime}')] || [=TN('{DATE:HHmm}')]>[=TN('{SETTING:HHendTime}')]","Name":"HH Store Current PriceList","ParameterValues":"PriceList=","SortOrder":10},{"ActionName":null,"CustomConstraint":"'{DATE:ddd}'=='{SETTING:HHstartDay}' && [=TN('{DATE:HHmm}')]>[=TN('{SETTING:HHstartTime}')] && [=TN('{DATE:HHmm}')]<[=TN('{SETTING:HHendTime}')]","Name":"HH Store Current PriceList","ParameterValues":"PriceList=HH","SortOrder":20}],"AppRuleMaps":[{"DepartmentId":0,"TerminalId":0,"TicketTypeId":0,"UserRoleId":0}],"ConstraintMatch":0,

"EventName":"ApplicationScreenChanged","Name":"HH Update PriceList","RuleConstraints":"[{\"L\":\"CurrentScreen\",\"N\":\"eU4HWwObho\",\"O\":\"Equal\",\"R\":\"Navigation\"}]","SortOrder":70,"Tags":"discount,CD"}],"Scripts":null,"States":null,"TaskTypes":null,"TicketTagGroups":null,"TicketTypes":null,"Triggers":null}

The concern for me is if PriceList was an optional program setting then my Discount should work irrespective of the tile. I not sure if the first rule above reflects on DiscountType=HH :confused:
EDIT: Found the typo must use “Matches” and not “Equals” for the Set HH Start/End Days!

Just need help with the setting of the “PriceList” program setting and I might be done :smile:

Well technically we could do that without a Program Setting. We could just use a script for that and set the script to look for specific Time of day and if its that time of day it returns specific text. It will run script when screen is refreshed or you can set a auto refresh time for the button.

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OK found it! :joy: So in the absence of @QMcKay (hopefully having some well earned time off) here it is.
There was an all important Rule left out of the Optional V5 stuff:

HH Update PriceList Rule

This rule is for use of the optional V5 Tile show further below. A nice new feature I just had to have :grin: The rule sets the system setting “PriceList” to null or “HH” depending if Happy Hour is On/Off.

Event: Application Screen Changed
Execute Rule if Matches
Constraints: Current Screen Equals Navigation

HH Store Current PriceList
Constraints: '{DATE:ddd}'!='{SETTING:HHstartDay}' || [=TN('{DATE:HHmm}')]<[=TN('{SETTING:HHstartTime}')] || [=TN('{DATE:HHmm}')]>[=TN('{SETTING:HHendTime}')]

HH Store Current PriceList
Constraints: '{DATE:ddd}'=='{SETTING:HHstartDay}' && [=TN('{DATE:HHmm}')]>[=TN('{SETTING:HHstartTime}')] && [=TN('{DATE:HHmm}')]<[=TN('{SETTING:HHendTime}')]
Pricelist: HH

I know, I know, crazy hours right? We just happy drinkers (coffee that is…)

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That adds +10 experience points and adds master’s red rune to your inventory. You can activate it to curse non-paying customers.

OK. Seriously following how fast you’re progressing is really amazing @pauln… I believe you’ll contribute great feature requests soon.

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Appreciate that @emre but I am only just getting started! The past few weeks since I have started to reach into SambaPOS I had to complete several other major concerns will still few more to go. I have only managed to commence research in “after hours” (7pm-11pm) and only when I can keep awake :persevere:

SambaPOS is a “hot” product and hopefully, if my gut feel is correct, I will change the way we do POS over here :sunglasses: My intuition has brought me to some unbelievable destinations before…


HH Update PriceList - not in the Tutorial

Thanks for pointing out the omission. I updated the Tutorial to include the optional update for PriceList.

CD Modify Ticket VIP State when Ticket Opened - different from the tutorial

Interesting that the Import file contains different settings for that Rule. I guess I need to update it - and that is partly why I hesitate to supply DB Imports - I encourage people to implement the system manually so they might gain an understanding of how it works. The Tutorial contains the correct settings and Actions for the Rule. I obviously had the PriceList update in that Rule in the past, but moved it, because it made no real sense to be there.