Virtual work periods + Manual work periods

Hi All,

I have a set-up utilising Virtual work periods but I was under the assumption that it was still necessary to open and close manual work periods for keeping the database managed and backed up.

however, depending on the timing of the manual work period (especially if opened and allowed to go past one day) this really messes up reports as I am unable to limit my reports to just one day if the work period runs long.

What’s my best approach here? can I just stick to virtual work periods alone and not do manual ones at all? or if not is there a way to still have reports run by date rather than the work period?

Many thanks for any input…

Virtual work periods only needs manual close if you are using inventory purchases and end of day records. If you are not using those then you never need to manually close it.

Also if you manually close a work period with virtual work periods enabled you do not need to manually open the next one. If you do manually start one it turns off virtual work periods until you manually close and then wait for the start of virtual wp again.

Manually starting a work period will turn off virtual wp and potentially mess up your reporting and wp cycles. Virtual wp will not resume if you manually start one.

Manually ending the wp will not turn off vwp it will wait until next time designated for vwp to start and it will resume the cycle.

ok great, thanks for the help. we will close the work period in advance of the next scheduled VWP to start. and then let them take over from now on. I Assume I can set a scheduled backup now to replace the backup that would usually happen with the manual close?