Yesterday, Norton Antivirus detected that sambap.presentation.exe is a virus…specifically Heur.AdvML.B

I have lost my system and would like to ask if anyone had any knowledge of how to deal with this issue.


SambaPOS is not a virus, though it is entirely possible that a virus on your system has infected it and other files.

Besides that, when it comes to the Heur.AdvML.B virus, Norton is famous for detecting false-positives.

What do you mean by this? Your computer is toast? Or just that SambaPOS will not run?

I ignored Norton and decided to restore the file sambap.presentation.exe and everything is back to normal again. Was just wondering whether anybody else with NORTON had a similar experience.

I can not be sure if it is a false positive or not and that is why I am asking. If it only has happened to me then I am sure I have to look at the virus being a serious possibility.

For reference here is the virus scan report for samba.presentation.exe (V 5.1.60).