Visa and Master Card Report


Hi i want help for master and visa card as i have created 2 separate payment button on settle screen but in work period report i see only visa card not master card so how to separate in this can some one help me pls


When I get to my office I will help you. I’m out of town right now.


Ok jesse sir thank you very much


We would need to modify them these are for an integrated test I am doing but I’m sure we can modify these for you if your interested.



this is correct but i dont want to give customer so much sir if i give him this he will come with more requirement so here what i want is in work period it is showing visa card but not master card and i have made payment button for both visa and master separate buttons on settle screen in work period payment column i can see only visa card not master card just i need help for this sir


Yes I’ll help you but I need to be at my office first. However show some screenshots of the setup. Specifically the one not working.

It could be your accounting.


Hi sir here is the screen shots


Please make sure that you applied same steps for both Visa and Mastercard payment types, and make payment by Mastercard as well.

If you like to check, below is document related to mentioned subject;