Void Single Items

Hello Team

Is there anyway to void single item ?

For example,
The waiter chooses the table and adds 2 sandwich and close the table

The customer wants to void one sandwich

How to do that ?

Select the item and press void. :grinning:
Unless you have changed your buttons/rules relating to void

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You did not understand the question properly. Please check it again


I dont think you worded it properly.

So you want to return an item after its already been paid for?

If you want to void something that has not been paid for what JTRTech explained is correct.

If you mean youve pressed quantity 2 then sandwich so your order line looks like

2 sandwich

Instead of
1 sandwich
1 sandwich

You would still need to select the order line and press void to void both sandwiches as they are on the same order line. You would then need to add a sandwich back so that tou still had one

So if that is what you are asking @JTRTech and @Hasa are both correct, select and press void and try to word your questions in as much detail ad possible as people will interpret what you are asking differently based on how they read and understand what they think you are asking :smile:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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In my order line, I have two sandwiches

I want to void only one… And the orderlone is already submitted to the kitchen

Everyone, really sorry if I confuse all

You have to void that order line, select it and press void. That should inform kitchen that order line has been voided

If there were 2 items on that 1 orderline you would need to submit another 1 so that you have voided 2 then added one back so overall you have only “voided” 1

If you have submitted an orderline with a quantity of more than 1 i dont think you can then split it to void only 1, im pretty sure you need to void both then add one back

Use (+) and (-) buttons to change selected quantity.

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If it’s already submitted, I am unable to do.

You’re unable to do What? Select orders or Void orders? Please give detailed information so we won’t need a conversation.

I think what he is asking is after the ticket has been submitted and closed, when re-opened do the + and - buttons work to reduce the quantity of an order that has already been submitted?

I didnt think that would be allowed, in my mind the whole order line would need to be voided so the kitchen is informed, then the correct order added back onto the ticket to inform kitchen

Ive just tried to reduce the quantity of an order when it is submitted using the + and - buttons but when closing the ticket the quantity reverts back to the original submitted quantity.

it look slike you need to void the whole order line and then add the correct quantity of orders so the kitchen is updated of the change


  • Add 5 items by clicking 5 + Some Menu Item.
  • Close ticket.
  • Open ticket.
  • Select Order.
  • Click (+) twice to select 2 of 5 items.
  • Click Void.
  • Click Close.

Am intrigued on that one, would never have though to try, would have made same conclusion @RickH did, going to have to try later (not that I disbelieve you emre)
So just selecting order line will select all 5, but pressing + will make selection only 1 meaning void will void 1 of the 5?
If I understand that right that’s a subtle and tidy bit of work :slight_smile:

That’s exactly how it works. Maybe I’m the minority here and didn’t expect to be, but it made perfect sense it should work this way so I naturally just did it and assumed it was mostly understood.

PS @emre I am still out of commission so I can’t test it but it would be good if we could also simply select item then use number pad to select qty

LOL, just tried, @Jesse cant believe i never tried, your right looking back it seems obvious.
Have tried numberpad and currently doesn’t have same effect either numberpad first or after select.

Ahhh my logic was to select order and press - to reduce thats why it didnt work

Makes sense now to select order and press + to select the number of that submitted order to void

Im thinking backwards lol :wink:


The VOID button it’s not working. See the capture please. If I want to delete an order from the menu, I can see only GIFT. But if a click Close, it’s fine. It happens only when I open a New ticket, click on the product, but after I can not void it.
I have The reservation module installed and the Occupied Button. Nothing else.


Void only works when ticket is closed and orders have been submitted this is by design. You only need to void something after it has been submitted so the void button is mapped to only be “active” for submitted orders, thats why it works when you reopen the ticket

You need to create a “Remove Item” or “Correction” button (or whatever you want to call it, i use remove item)

Create an auto command button use defualt mapping and map to order line
Create a cancel orders action
Create an execute auto command rule
Add button constraint
Add the action

Now you can sleect the orderline and press remove item button to take it off the ticket, or select multiple lines and press remove item button to remove more than 1 order line at a time

EDIT in fact this function is prebuilt into samba so you much have changed some of the defualt configuration. It was called cancel orders i think, and if i remember the button header justbsaid cancel and it was mapped to order so you must have unmapped this button or completely deleted it if you cant see it

As it was a default button you couldnt change the colour of the button so i removed mine and recreated it with auto command button so i could change the colour

Check your rules and auto commands for cancel order or just cancel, you might just need to add mappings back to the auto command button



I just restored the Cancel Button, and now it’s OK (Settings-Program Settings-Maintenance)

Thanks for your help

No probs glad to help :slight_smile: