Void Tables in SambaPOS

Hi everyone,

Please can i get an automation to void a Table instead of voiding the items one by one.

And will this also report in my void report too.

thank you.

You would use similar automation to normal void but add a select ordera action to select all.

what i would do is make a new automation button “void all” and in mappings instead have the visibility on “Order Line” i would set it on “Ticket” then clone the original “Void Rule” and change the custom constraint to “Automation Command Line> Equals>void all”

this setup will make it so you will have a void all button when entering a ticket and it will instantly void all orders, hope this helps.

Can i get a report for this. So that i know when a table is voided.

Thank you

If you just replicate existing automation it would show with other voids.
You could add a ticket tag or similar and report on that is you want to show void value specific to whole table voids.
You can report on almost anything in samba with a bit of adjustment.