Voucher payment

For vouchers payment, can we make different types of vouchers so each type can do a specific discount or give a meal for free, and also had a unique serial number so it could not be used again, so if it is possible the voucher number could be like KFM 0217 0001, so KFM will mean for example that this voucher will give any family meal from the menu for free, 0217 means the voucher will expire on February 2017 and 0001 is the serial number. Others give a specific Meal for free or with a discount. K05 0217 0001, and this one will make a discount of 5 on whatever is ordered. Also another type with unique voucher number which can be used for a specific number of times during the day to give free meals for employees. So I need to give one free meal form the individual meals for every employee every day, for this type if a boxes comes to enter a note where the employee could put his name so I can know that which meal was taken with every employee.

There is no built-in feature like that but by using customization features you can setup that workflow. However that needs good understanding of automation and scripting possibilities of SambaPOS.

This tutorial might be a good start.

Thank you emre, I will go through this and try to get what I need.