Want a Reservation system that uses Customers (Entities) & Tasks


I have been developing SambaPOS to use in a roller skating rink I own. I love the flexibility of the software. I would like to thank the developers and the people volunteers who help other users of the software. I have learned alot. I’m about 90% done of the way I want it to work.

I’m looking to implement a Reservation system (expand the current Reservation system) for Birthday Parties for kids. For the sake of time, I think it would be hire someone design a system that would work best for me. I would like to:

  • Store the parents info (name, phone, address etc) as Customers.
  • Other party info as a Task Type (Birthday Child, Date, Time etc)
  • Record a deposit
  • Send an email confirming date, time, deposit amount.
  • Use the current flow for Reservations for the day of the party/Reservation.

The reason for storing the parents info is to hit them up with marketing to book another birthday party in the future, and also reduce the repetitive typing of the same info. (Sometimes we have parents that book multiple parties throughout the year for their different children.)

I’m based in the U.S. I also need to purchase a license. Feel free to PM me or ask for more information.

Thank you,



Hi Bob, I have sent you a PM.