Warehouse and recipe setup

I try to familiarize with SambaPos in this days and I appreciate the great work, flexible, light and complete software.
I’ve only a issue to report, maybe it’s my fault but I don’t find the solution.

I setup a Warehouse Item, a bottle of Wine, link this one with “wines” warehouse, I insert a transaction document and all work fine: the bottles of Wine appear in Wines warehouse. THe problem appear when I insert an order with wine, and the software take the quantity form other Warehouse and a negative amount appear…
someone can help me?
Thanks and have a good day.

When you sell something, the stock will be removed from the Department Warehouse.

When you purchase stock from a supplier, your transaction should move the item from the Supplier Warehouse to your Department Warehouse.

Purchase 1 Case (12 cans) of Coke)…

Sell 2 cans of Coke…

This is the Inventory Item and Recipe setup for Coke …

To make your Inventory Consumption and Stock levels easier to read for 1-to-1 products, you may want to omit the Transaction Unit (Case) for your Item setup. If you do this, you must purchase in the Base Unit (Can). So you would buy 12 Cans instead of 1 Case. Then your Consumption will be reported in number of Cans consumed and left in stock, rather than a fraction of a Case.


Thank you for quick reply QMcKay!
I understand the issune now.
In any case I need a “shop Warehouse” because I can setup only one warehouse for each deparment… correct?

That is correct. You can only have 1 Warehouse per Department. That does not mean you can’t have more than 1 Warehouse, but it forces you to juggle stock between them using “Inventory Transfer Transactions” and “Inventory Transfer Documents”

As shown in m screenshots, I have:

  • 1 Department mapped to the SHOP warehouse.
  • 2 Local Warehouses: SHOP and BODEGA
  • many Supplier Warehouses - 1 for each Supplier/Vendor

All Stock Purchases are made from a Supplier warehouse and are put into the SHOP warehouse via the Purchase Transaction/Document.

When an item is sold, it decreases the Stock in the SHOP warehouse.

I also have Inventory Transfer Transactions/Documents so that I can move Stock items to an offsite warehouse which I call BODEGA, and vice-versa. But initial purchases always land in the SHOP warehouse.

You can also view your Supplier Warehouse(s) to see how much you purchase from them and how often, or you can have all of your Supplier (Entities) mapped to a single GENERIC Warehouse. I prefer to have a 1-to-1 mapping of Supplier Entities to Supplier Warehouses.

Thank you so much QMcKay… :smile:clear and simple explanation.