Warehouse control

I have products in my store that is for sale ok they working good; every time I sale a product the system discount from quantity from inventory all this is ok. My problem is that I have products in warehouse that is not for sale and I need to discount every time I send to the floor.

For example . I have a can of tomato puree and in my business is use to prepare pizza no for sale the can to the customer .

My question is how can discount this can of tomato puree from the warehouse to use to elaborate pizza and show me in report the discount?

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Thanks for your faster responds let me see if can I understand this thanks

The only thing that I need is when I take out one coca-cola from warehouse appear in the report out quantity and description product from warehouse. Sorry I don’t know how to do It.

I have in the warehouse 10 Cheeses and 5 jam (simple for unit ) how control this inventory if this is not for sale is for send to the kitchen to prepare sandwiches that I sale as a product item. I understand how control sandwiches for sale but I can’t control how many cheeses I have in the warehouse ? if my manager send 5 cheeses to the kitchen to prepare sandwiches only remaining in the warehouse 5 . Where can I check the warehouse with 5 cheeses ? because the only way that I can do it is thru menu as item sale and those cheeses are still in the kitchen. How to control quantity inventory of product that is not for sale just out from warehouse . Thanks in advance

You would purchase inventory from inventory warehouse to kitchen warehouse using inventory transaction documents and the warehouse module. Or you can create recipes and have it do it that way like what’s in the tutorial.

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How do I do IT ?

Where I can find the warehouse module in samba market ?