Warehouse order level

i need help to make alert for warehouse stock level .
let’s say i have 50 kilo meat in stock , i want to get alert when they go to 5 kilo .
any help ?

This can help…

that not what i meant , i want it in warehouse.
i want when i show warehouse screen , i want it to tell me if any inventory item is almost end to buy more before buy tag the item with red color or anything like that.

Hi there. Have a solution been found for stock level ordering in warehouse. I don’t want to track my products. I have a restuarant wich means the recipes is not 1 to 1.

When i sell a hamburger and chips, and my onions are below 500grams I want a popup/message or an automatic report printed or saved to a text file that shows me the onions and the current stock level.

I understand by what I have seen it can only be done by constantly tracking consumption and inventory prediction.

If a cache refresh after each order placed can be implimented, what impact will it have on my system or performance?

That way you can keep up to date with your inventory count and have enough time to order/buy new onions.

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You would need to put something together using Reports…


[Inventory Consumption:2, 1,1, 1, 1, 1, 1]
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name.asc,C.Consumption.Sum,C.Unit,C.Inventory.Sum,C.InStock.Sum,C.Added.Sum,C.Removed.Sum:C.Consumption>0}

The Used column (C.Consumption.Sum) shows how much you used by way of selling items.

The Unit column (C.Unit) is either the Base Unit or the Transaction Unit, depending on your Inventory definition for that Item.

The Pred column (C.Inventory.Sum) is a Prediction of what the Inventory level is at for that Item.

So using the Name of the Inventory Item with the Pred column, you would need to compare that to your desired level for that particular Inventory Item.

[Inventory Consumption:2, 1,1]
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name.asc,C.Unit,C.Inventory.Sum:C.Consumption>0}

The problem arises when you want to be alerted about Items that are below a certain level, but that can be different for each Inventory Item in your system. For example, 12 might be a good alert level for Coke, but for Ground Beef, you might want to be alerted when you have less than 10 pounds remaining.

Unfortunately, we have no field/parameter in the Inventory Items where we can set limits for each Item. If we had Custom Tags for Inventory, we could make our own fields, for all kinds of things.

So instead, you need to specifically Report on each item, one by one, so that you can change the limit per item.

Now you end up with something like this:

Constraint, pathFile and line for each Action:

[=TN('{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Inventory.Sum:C.Consumption>0 && C.InventoryItemName=="Coke Classic"}')] < 130


{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name,C.Inventory.Sum:C.Consumption>0 && C.InventoryItemName=="Coke Classic"}

[=TN('{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Inventory.Sum:C.Consumption>0 && C.InventoryItemName=="Coke Lite"}')] < 12


{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name,C.Inventory.Sum:C.Consumption>0 && C.InventoryItemName=="Coke Lite"}

Which produces a File containing this:

Coke Classic|129.75
Coke Lite|6.21