Warehouse setup help

That does not counts them as purchase. Reports configured to list all transactions as purchases. For example you can configure it to something like…

[Purchases by Group:1, 1]
{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.ItemGroup,T.TotalPrice.Sum:(ITT=Purchase Transaction Type)}
>Total|{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.TotalPrice.Sum:(ITT=Purchase Transaction Type)}

[Purchases:2, 1,1, 1]
{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.Name,T.Quantity.Sum,T.Unit,[T.TotalPrice.Sum]/[T.Quantity.Sum]:(ITT=Purchase Transaction Type)}

[Your Custom Transaction Type:2,1,1, 1,1, 1]
{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.Name,T.Source,T.Target,T.Quantity.Sum,T.Unit,[T.TotalPrice.Sum]/[T.Quantity.Sum]:(ITT=Your Custom Transaction Type)}

Change Your Custom Transaction Type parts with your type.

PS: For simplicity warehouse screen displays all + inventory as purchase and all - inventory as consumption. You can differ them in reports.

In case you need here are all possible {REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS} fields.



Whats is inventory fields like

Sorry couldn’t understand your question.

{report inventory} fields

What do you want to know about them? Look here for Custom Report tag usage tutorials.

OH OK got it. {REPORT INVENTORY} does not have fields. It is a hard coded report. It only supports inventory item name so {REPORT INVENTORY:Meat} will return actual inventory for meat.

You can take a look to {REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS} tag.

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How do I sort the INVENTORY TRANSACTION by Warehouse Type?

The code below does not seem to work:

@{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.AccountName.asc,T.Quantity.Sum::{0}:,}
[Inventory Purchase by Warehouse $1: 2, 3, 3, 3, 7, 2, 1, 2, 2]
{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:D.Id,T.Date,D.Description,T.ItemGroup,T.Name,T.Unit,T.Quantity,[T.TotalPrice]/[T.Quantity],T.AccountName=$1}
>|||||||Total|{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.TotalPrice.sum:T.AccountName=$1}

Try including T.Target to get the target warehouse name.

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Hi Emre. How do I transfer items from one warehouse to another. For example I have a bar but I keep stock in a certain warehouse named stores 1. So when the bar requests for items. The person in charge of store 1 issues the items. Therefore I want to have a report showing the stock that is in stores 1 and also be able to see the bar inventory. Thanks

Hello Dan,

Could you please review the steps in the document?


Here’s what I have from an old db. It should work for you. You can specify source and target warehouses when transferring inventory.

Inventory transaction type:

Inventory document type:

the move in action - I can’t recall if the cost is populated automatically so you’ll want to test before deploying:

Okay. Than you for the response. I have one more question. I have tried setting up use of points from Emre tutorial of v4 but I can’t figure out why why I do all the steps I don’t get the “use points” button like you see in his tutorial

Thanks you. Where can I find the report to view the transactions for this and inventory balances. Thanks

There’s a default inventory report that is supplied.

Here is what I used for transfers. This was from when I understood even less of the reporting features than I do now (which isn’t much) so this report must have been scraped from the forum. Perhaps it’ll show what you need.

[Purchases by Group:1, 1]

[Transaction Entries by Warehouse:3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1]
@{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Warehouse.asc::{0}:,}

>>Item|Purchased|Transfers|Result|Unit|Unit Cost|Total Cost
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name.asc,C.Added.sum,C.Removed.sum,[C.Added.sum]-[C.Removed.sum],C.Unit,C.Cost.sum,[C.Cost.sum]*[C.Added.sum]:C.Added>0 and (PCW=$1) or C.Removed>0 and (PCW=$1)}