Warehouse setup help

how i can link 2 inventory items together.
for example i buy 10k meat , after i buy i get out of this 10k :
1- 2k pikata
2- 1k Minced meat
3- 4k steak
tho i made 2 warehouse , 1 for item’s i buy like meat and chicken , …
and 1 for ingredients for what i get from the 1st one like Piccata and
minced meat , …
the problem that when i made recipe for product i only consume from
ingredients warehouse and local one keep with same amout of items
that is why i want to link those sub items from ingredients warehouse
to main items in local warehouse

You use recipes for your products. Recipes will use inventory items.

that’s only if i buy something and sell it without any modifies .
i created 2 warehouse . 1 for items i buy direct from suppliers and 1 for items that use into store .
in local warehouse i buy leg of veal that weight 10 kilo
that 10 kilo of meat isn’t actual 10 kilo , i get 2 kilo piccata and 3 kilo of minced meat and 2 kilo of steak .
now if i create the new items in warehouse 2 the store . they won’t decrease the main item in local warehouse cause nothing link em together

i created 2 warehouse . 1 for items i buy direct from suppliers and 1 for items that use into store .

Warehouse feature implemented to track physical inventory storage places like kitchen warehouse, bar warehouse, external depot, etc… You can see how many coke left in your bar warehouse or external depot. You can transfer items between warehouses or create a waste warehouse to transfer wasted items.

So you can’t explicitly assign an inventory item to a warehouse. All warehouses can store any item. Consumption warehouse determined by warehouse assigned to selected department or it can be changed by order level by using Update Order action. Warehouse setting on inventory item configuration used to assign default warehouse for items. For example if you set default warehouse for Coke as Bar warehouse, Coke will not appear on other warehouses if inventory level is 0.

Maybe using group code for store items to be able to report them separately might better fit to your case.

can i manualy decrease those item in inventory ?? like if i have 10 kilo , i can make em 5 kilo ??
same as when i i buy 10 pepsi and i sell 5 but when i count the stock i found only 4 tho i have to decrease the inventory level of pepsi to 4 manualy

and i also when i made purchase transaction to local warehouse for example 240 pepsi
and want transfer 120 to store warehouse , i found the amount of pepsi purchase in inventory purchase transaction become 360 , but it was actually just transfer from local warehouse to store warehouse

can i decrease inventory items manually ???

After ending a work period you can update latest end of day record (Current Inventory column) to manually change inventory.

i can’t save

and when i try to transfer items from local to store in inventory transaction report , the total mount don’t decrease , it increase with amount i i transfer like it’s new purchase transaction


it was just transfer from local warehouse to store warehouse , i only bought 100 at local but when i transfer 50 to store , it actually didn’t transfer , it’s more like new purchase action to store from my local

Did you ended work period? Are you editing latest (newest by date) end of day record?

What did you do to transfer it?

i did end work period and that screen shot was after but i couldn’t save

i made a button same as purchase (default button ) and tried to do with transactions in inventory

how i can transfer from warehouse to another without pos consider it as purchase transaction ?? and don’t show in inventory transaction report ??

Maybe you need to explain better your work flow. Are you trying to make a production warehouse?

ok . i want to create 3 warehouse :
1st one i’ll called main warehouse ,in this one i’ll store every item i buy from suppliers
2nd one i’ll called ingredients warehouse and this one for the items i bought from suppliers and stored in 1sr warehouse but need some work before i can sell it
3rd one i’ll call it store warehouse and this one will be in my restaurnt for items i will sell and the items come direct from main warehouse and some from ingredients warehouse
for example i buy pepsi and meat from suplliers and store em in main warehouse, the pepsi will go direct from main warehouse to store warehouse but the meat will need some work on it tho it will go 1st to ingredient warehouse to become piccata and other stuff that i can sell then it will go to store warehouse after for selling
now i want to transfer items between warehouses and not show as purchase transaction only transfer

So your wanting to create a production warehouse and a local warehouse.

This has been discussed many times before

Here is my opinion and it typically ends up being the simplest and easiest in the end.

Use a single warehouse for everything. For products like Pizza that has items like dough and Sauce that require other items to make you can do two things. 1. Do some math and figure out average of each base item used per pizza and use that in recipe for finished pizza, or 2. do not track inventory of sauce and dough in recipe and use End of Day records to adjust it based off visual inspection.

For pepsi just use a recipe that takes it from the single warehouse.

So the end result would be if you sell 1 cheese pizza and 1 pepsi.

Pepsi reduces by 1, Cheese reduces by 2 cups (Takes 2 cups cheese per pizza) Sauce, and Dough do not reduce anything.

End of work period you go and visually inspect inventory left of tomatos, flour, salt, etc and you adjust them with End of Day records.

Or if your like me you dont have time to check inventory every day. I check it twice a week depending on when I order… I adjust it then. I typically check and adjust 1 or 2 days before my order point.

ok . i’ll do that but how i can transfer between 2 warehouse without show in inventory transaction report .
for example i bought 100 pepsi and stored em in local . when i move 50 to production warehouse , i found in inventory transaction report that i bought 150. but i actually 100 not 150 .
u can see that in eariler replay with emre with screen shots.
is it something wrong i did or there is way to transfer em direct . just transfer not purchase from my local to store warehouse

Why do you need to transfer pepsi to another warehouse. just make recipe take it out of main warehouse

cause i want track all stuf i buy in one warehouse and the other one will be for the store to consume from

tho can i transfer items from warehouse to another and not count as purchase transaction ?? and show in report ?