Warehouses and stock control

Not sure if anyone is having the same problem with warehouses, or whether I am using them correctly at all? I Technically have 3 warehouses. Local warehouse (stock room), kitchen and bar. What I am having problems with is that if I add a case of beer to my bar it appears in the bar stockhouse as I would like. However, when I sell a beer it removes it from the local warehouse and not the bar warehouse? Any help would be great?



I can never remember exactly where the option is if its in department or ticket type but you set the source warehouse there so you would need to setup multiples of the above in order to draw from different locations.

in department u can choose warehouse , but u will need to make department for bar and kitchen .
that is only way i know about

Why do you need separate warehouse for each one?

Just for stock checking purposes. To make it easier to arrange all of the bar items and the kitchen items

So you want to know how many bottles of x wine are in the bar and how many are in the physical warehouse? right?

no it is more to group all bar items together so that when I am doing an inventory check for the bar all bar items are grouped together for ease of use likewise for the kitchen

Currently your right you would need to create separate departments for that. @emre this has come up quite often recently I think maybe we should discuss some alternatives to using departments for this separation. I will think about it and see if I can think of any ideas.

njrobbe basically whatever Warehouse is selected for the department is where it will deduct your inventory from when you sell items.

So currently to achieve what you want you need to create a Kitchen Department and a Bar Department and set appropriate warehouses. This does not sound like a good solution to me.

This may not be anything solved soon but we can open discussion for ideas possibly redoing some of how Warehouses work. Personally I would like to see it move away from Departments and let Recipe’s control which Warehouse the actual inventory is deducted from in a sale.

Thanks a lot hope you can help

@Jesse what do you think about the reason of having separate warehouses for kitchen & bar if items always consumed from a single point? (eg. wine always decreases from bar)

I understand your point but some people simply do not want to use separate depertments however they still want separate warehouses for item consumption.

OK. Think it like that. I have one main stock room and another consumption warehouse. I transfer items from stock room and it decreases from consumption warehouse. I wanted to hear your idea about what can be the reason of dividing consumption warehouse as kitchen & bar and map items specifically to bar or kitchen warehouses? I don’t understand the difference.

can he separate the warehouse item in report ?
like if he want kit item , he only open report for kit item and same for bar ??
something more like product tag in create product ? for food and bavarege and dessert


I think it’s more of tracking thing. So if we can build a report showing only wine inventory transactions separate from kitchen inventory transactions that would suffice. I’m talking about transfers between warehouse and consumption point.

I was also thinking about production setups. If we could use recipe to control consumption point then it might solve the production issue as well.

1st warehouse is main and 2nd for store and with consumption and order count report and transaction he can track the wine and everything but as u said he will need recipe for each glass size

and also from warehouse screen he can search for most items he want to track

I’ve added Warehouse Code setting for inventory items so you can group items on a single warehouse screen without creating additional warehouses.


please i want to make wallet -bank - transaction in ware house

The Wallet and Bank buttons are Inventory Transaction Documents.

how to make a transaction to add inventory purchase

Create a Transaction type for Purchasing…
Manage > Inventory > Transaction Types

Create a Document type for Purchasing…
Manage > Inventory > Document Types

V4 does not support creating the Document Type buttons. You will need to upgrade to V5 for that feature. For V4, you must make purchase transactions using the following method…

Create Inventory Purchase Transaction (Work Period must be open)…
Manage > Inventory > Transactions
Click the link on the right to Add Transaction Document and fill in the details of the new transaction.