Wastage account

Good morning all.
from the knowledge base I set up a wastage account. the problem I am having is that the total amount of wastage is not deducted from the total amount of sales for a period and the total expenses do not appear in the cash transaction report. need help please

I don’t have this implemented, but it looks like its setup as a payment type vs a gift. Not sure I would do it this way, but that’s just me. To me wastage is something that isn’t sold so there should be no payment transaction. I’m assuming gift would still adjust inventory. @Jesse Is it proper to setup a ticket type and wastage transaction for account on stock waste?


You could easily use the built-in gift option and set the value as waste and do a report on that. Based on the guide I would expect to see a ticket type line item for “wastage”. If you want to see it differently you’ll need to modify your reports.

I am waiting here to waste the money withdrawn at the till for the purchase of certain things such as roll papers; and that amount of money withdrawn must appear in the end of day report. I tell myself that the word waste is not appropriate here.

Huh… so you’re using it for purchasing supplies for the business? Thats not what the wastage tutorial is for to my knowledge.

that’s exactly what I told myself. this is why I would like to know if there is a way to manage these expenses so that they appear in the reports

So are you putting the purchases in via a ticket? You have products for your purchases?

it is not the products that are in stock but these expenses are unforeseen events that can occur during the day and must be resolved. at the end of the day they will have to appear in the report. I thought we could mention them under a ticket whose amount will be deducted from the total amount of sale

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Personally for wastage I would just use an inventory transaction document and a wastage warehouse.

Like Joe has said using tickets and recording sales for wastage accounts is not ideal. You will find it hard to maintain as you will need to go to great lengths to hide it or make it look right in reports.

Sounds like an operational preference. I wouldn’t want to reduce our POS or tills cash position reporting by an unforeseen event. I would expect these to be very special situations and not a regular occurrence. This would later be corrected by our Bank/Cash Holdings. It should also be accompanied by a bill/receipt or a note. If we were to be inputting all expenses into the POS it would be different.

However, each to his own. Check out…